Top 5 Free Mobile Apps To Monitor Your Kids Online Activities

Free Mobile Apps To Monitor Your Kids Online Activities

It certainly feels good to be a part of the digital age, but having said that it can also be quite scary as well. The number of cyber bullies and predators, on the web, has increased in the past couple of years and as a parent keeping your kids safe on the internet has become very important. As a parent keeping a check on your kids’ activities is not that simple.

But, you don’t need to worry as I am going to discuss top 5 free mobile apps you can download to monitor your kids’ online activities.

Kids Place

With child lock and parental controls, Kids Place is a popular app launcher that offers holistic protection to your personal data and also comes handy to restrict your kids to the apps you have approved. This app will also prevent your kids from downloading new apps, texting, making phone calls and performing various other actions that can prove costly to you. In the kid’s mode, your children will have a great time, and as a parent, you will have free time to unwind.

Key Features

  • Offer support to multiple user profiles.
  • Allows access only to parents approved apps.
  • Converts any phone or tablet into Kids Mode.
  • As per Time Lock feature, the apps get locked after a specific period of time.
  • Ideal for the kids of all ages.


kuukla parental control

With over 10, 000 downloads, Kuukla is handy parental control app. It will offer protection for your kids while they are using internet on your smartphone or tablet. The app is quick and effective, these two elements really come handy while installing the app and monitoring the web activities of your kids. Once installed on their smartphone, it lets you discreetly watch their usage.

Key Features

  • The app can be easily installed and uninstalled.
  • You can easily monitor and keep a check on the time spent by your kids on the internet even in your absence.
  • You have the option to approve the applications for your kids.


This is a fast and free parental control app. With the help of this app, you can easily monitor the activities of your kids and also save them from multiple internet hazards. This app lets you access your kids’ smartphone and you can also block it, if needed.

Key Features

  • You can check whether the device is online or not.
  • Receive real time notifications about the launch of the application on your kids’ phone.
  • Use Chrome to track the websites visited by your kids.
  • Setting up Geo fences is quite easy and you will also be notified when your kids will enter or exit them.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an award-winning parental control app. Using this app, you can offer your kid the freedom to surf the internet without any fear of unsuitable content. This app also becomes the default browser of your kids’ smartphone. You will be able to manage the apps your kids can or cannot use on their phones.

With Net Nanny, you can view reports, add users, manage kids’ devices & settings. All you need is to follow the mentioned instructions and create a user profile for your kid on his/her smartphone.  

Key Features

  • Mask profanity.
  • Filter the content of the website.
  • Set the time limits and controls.
  • Block porn.
  • Allow/Block mobile apps.
  • Email notifications.
  • App manager.
  • Enhanced reporting.

Boomerang Parental Control

boomerang parental control

This particular app allows you to apply individual app restrictions, limit screen time, track location, and apply safe browsing. With Boomerang installed on your kids’ smartphone, you can log both calls and texts, you can also get notified when your kids’ phone gets a call from an unknown number and keeps you informed whenever a new app gets installed.  

Key Features

  • Stay informed about the location of your kids and enjoy chatting with them using in-built Family Messenger.
  • Allocate time that should be ideally spent on watching videos and playing games by your kids.
  • Prevent chatting with the strangers through anonymous messaging apps.
  • Get insights of how exactly your kid is using the device.
  • Enforce safe surfing PIN Safe Browser.

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