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Top 5 Reasons Android is Better Than iPhone

This is long debated question among smartphone users. There is a loyal customer base for both the devices instead of that common user look confused all the time with this question. In this article, we can discuss the reasons why Android should be your first choice than iPhone when you are planning to buy a new smartphone device.

More choices Available with Android:

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Android as your smartphone device is that you can select one from the range of options available. There are dozens of companies which are manufacturing devices based on Android platform. This way you get plenty of options to buy Android device according to your taste and requirements. You can select Android as your choice for the range of options like huge touchscreen, an edge screen, rotating camera, better storage capacity devices etc. You can even fulfill niche demands like dual SIM, physical keyboard, microSD card, removable battery etc. With iPhone, you can’t imagine so much as it comes with specified features and specifications. iPhone offers limited options when you plan to buy smartphone device based on different features like camera, internal hardware, screen etc.


Android is considered to be the dream of developers as they are allowed to do customization at any level with these devices. Where Apple prefers to keep things simple and homogenous with default apps and hardware experience Android offers a lot of customization options to keep your device the way you want it to be. It allows you to pick your own level of customization which extends from simple things like customized keyboard, live wallpapers etc. to more advanced features like custom ROM, whole new software experience etc. This open source platform allows users to make changes of their choice anytime effortlessly.

Widgets & Multitasking:

Widgets make your life simple. They are fondly available on your device to make your basic tasks easy. Where Apple allows widgets limited and lives only on notification area in recent devices Android is a champion in the field. It allows you to bring widgets to the home screen for easy tasks and to save your time. Android allows you to set widgets for any of your task to say it for alarms, custom clock, direct calls to contacts in your phone, weather, email, flashlight, messages or anything else. Apart from widgets, Android is offering better multitasking options for long which allow you perform various tasks at a time. Apple iPhone stands nowhere when it comes to multitasking function.

Expandable memory and removable battery:

With Android devices, you can remove or change your device battery anytime you want. Apple iPhone doesn’t allow this feature as it offers non-removable battery devices which come with many limitations. Apart from removable battery option Android also offers expandable memory feature. You can insert microSD card to your device to expand its memory instantly. These SD cards come cheap thus you can expand your device memory easily at a convenient price. iPhone doesn’t support expandable memory feature thus you always feel like running short of device memory.

Cost effective:

Android devices are available for every user for the different price tag. Whereas iPhone comes costlier to cater users of a specific segment. You can find same feature smartphone on Android platform at much lesser price than its competitor from Apple. In fact, we can say smartphones easy availability has become possible only because of Android platform.

Knowing the fact that smartphones on the Android platform are available with more features at a lesser price, it is an obvious choice for users. Though iPhone has its own following than if you are neutral to your choices, Android is definitely a better pick as a smartphone.

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