Top 5 Speakers of Age of Drones International Conference 2016

Top 5 Speakers of Age of Drones International Conference 2016

Age of Drones International Conference addresses the challenges in drone cinematography. It gives an opportunity to find out the very latest trends of the drone cinematography market, to learn the unique experience from the most outstanding professionals from all over the world.

The most professional speakers of UAV market will meet you on Age of Drones International Conference! Only the latest market trends will be discovered.
The program agenda will include the most important topics in four main sections:
– Legislation section.
– Photo&Video.
– Business section.
– Technical section.

Age of Drones International Conference
Photo&Video Section will be presented by Matt Bjerregaard, Conservation Scientist and Drone Operator of BBC and National Geographic Channel, who will talk about drone cinematography and biodiversity. Another representative of this section, Jakub Karas, Partner in Upvision and Director of Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, is going to share tips about how to film with drone in extreme conditions.Besides this, you could find out how to avoid legal risks when using camera drones with Alexander Schmid, our expert of the Public Law, Security Law and Internet Law.

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