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Labeley – Free Online Label Maker

Venturing into a new business and making sure it runs smoothly represents a significant challenge, especially when working on a tight budget. You want to give your customers and clients the best possible service or product, yet you still want to make some profit. That is why it takes more than just being creative and having plenty of ideas to be an entrepreneur. You have to be a visionary, definitely a risk-taker and constantly out and about: in search of new trends, new ways, and resources to improve your business and get the most out of it.

Of course, in the highly competitive global market, where many small businesses make or break overnight, most things don’t come for free. However, every now and then, you can stumble upon a free resource that can help you out a step or two on your road to success.

Once they have a product ready, most businesses need some type of branding or labelling. Hiring a designer to make a company’s logo and design product labels is the usual scenario in this case and always comes with a price. However, with Labeley.com, which is a completely free online label maker, you have a chance to design and control your label making process every step of the way, and all for free.

The tool allows you to choose between different predesigned shapes, graphics, borders and many other design options that help you come up with a completely unique and attractive-looking label. Or, you can skip this step completely and go straight to the professional printing option, in case you already have a prepared design and you’re in need of quality printing.

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit Labeley.com and click on the Start Designing button.labeley 1
  1. Now, choose between different label categories depending your business’s needs.labeley 2
  1. This is where your creativity can be unleashed. Start by choosing your label’s shape so you can move on and play with different Backgrounds, Borders, Graphics and Text. If you are a registered user, you can also access your previous label designs anytime by clicking on the My Designs button or you can Upload any photo from your computer to fully personalize your label.labeley 3
  1. Once your new label is ready, you can save it for later or proceed to checkout if you need professionally printed labels. If you decide to do that, a new window will pop up offering various material types and other specifications needed to complete your order.labeley 4

Labeley’s simplicity and accessibility can come in handy even in situations when you’re not dealing with physical products, but rather a service such as an event planning, party organizing or even household management. With this tool, creating a label of your own choice and branding a product, event or personal item becomes a fun and enjoyable experience.

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