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Application development and deployment can be tricky for tech companies of any size. And expensive. It is very important to use some top development tools to make it work perfectly. Whether you are developing applications for clients or your own company, the cost of time and money can add up if you don’t have top-notch development tools to compliment your team.

The good news is that there are plenty of development tools to employ to build better applications. Development tools, like Framework 7 via MIT, or Docker registry from JFrog, can make a serious impact on efficiency, productivity, and project budget.

Building better applications for PCs is only one avenue of development. In today’s digital age, smartphones and mobile innovation have made exceptional application development a must.

“A growing share of Americans now use smartphones as their primary means of online access at home,” Pew Research Center explained. “Today roughly one-in-five American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users – meaning they own a smartphone but do not have traditional home broadband service.”

Let’s take a deeper look at a few of our top choices for top-notch development tools to build better applications in 2020 and beyond.

Top Development Tools

Top Development Tools

Helm Chart Repository

This development tool is a must when it comes to infrastructure. Helm chart repository has the privacy and controls any enterprise company needs. The scalable storage and repository management for Helm charts is unmatched.

This universal development solution serves up security, allowing your team of developers, engineers, and operations to share charts on Helm with control. This tool also provides automation provisioning of charts to Kubernetes.

The stability and reliability of Helm repository charts can have multiple users and servers. It can be paired with a number of other development tools as well.

Docker Container Images

Docker is one of the most popular development tools when it comes to building better applications at the enterprise level. Docker is a containerized file or containerized image, development tool that is hyper-focused on the release of software applications running on multiple systems and devices.

The ability to run on multiple systems and devices make Docker a must-have development tool in the age of mobile devices. Why? Because no two mobile devices are the same. The same system maybe, but different devices, launched each year.

For example, a development team can use a private Docker registry to identify and single out applications in separate containers. This gives developers maximum portability with a high level of security in the development environment. Not to mention the need for virtual machines is eliminated.

There is also the elimination of all dependencies when utilizing Docker container images. This has made it a very popular tool among development teams to build and deploy better applications.

Framework 7 For iOS Application Development

When developing for iOS systems, Framework 7 from MIT is essential for building better applications. Framework 7 can be utilized for applications built for Android systems, but it is primarily for iOS. With this development tool, your team can develop high performing applications that are also lean.

To leverage tech in the most efficient way, you need development tools geared toward the systems and devices you are developing for. Universal tools are good, but if you can really niche down, the benefits make a larger impact on the development processes, as well as the deployment of the app.

Framework 7 can help your company thrive in a competitive market, especially when it comes to iOS systems. Think larger than the system and get the maximum development benefits to net more clients and grow the company.

JQuery Is Still Viable For Application Development

The latest and greatest development tools, like Docker and Helm, are certainly useful. But don’t forget about the old standbys like JQuery for instance. Most developers know or have used JQuery before. And there is a great reason they know of and have used this development tool. It serves up powerful functionality and ease of use features.

There is still one pitfall when JQuery is utilized. The native functions and UI are still lacking. However, the singular application writing benefit is worth overlooking the pitfalls. Imagine writing an app only once. JQuery applications also run on multiple systems and devices, making it worthwhile in today’s mobile world.

Wrapping Up . . .

There are certainly a ton of development tools to choose from. The above is simply our top choices among the masses of tools available. When choosing a development tool or two for your enterprise company, it is important to ensure the functionality, features, and ease of use align with your company’s needs. What is your top development tool?

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