Top Essential Attributes for making a Perfect Explainer Video

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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video, as understandable from the name, is a short animated video which is utilized by businesses to convey, in a novel way, as to what product or services they are providing to the people and how it can be beneficial for the consumer. Explainer videos work perfectly to help the businesses achieve their marketing objectives.

However, an explainer video is required to possess some essential attributes in order to achieve the entire objective behind its creation. Failure of an explainer video in possessing the required attributes will lead to non-achievement of the entire objective of creating an explainer video. Hence, it is exceedingly desirable that your business takes professional help in devising a great explainer video with all the necessary qualities. Following are certain characteristics or qualities that make a great explainer video.

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Top Qualities Every Explainer Video Requires

  • Develop a Fantastic Script

Scripting is not something that you begin by simply picking up a pen and a paper and start writing. Before even beginning to write a script you must be clear about your objectives and goals. You must work upon developing a perfect flow of your script by exhibiting certain problems, in the beginning, and their effective solutions, in the later part. Once everything is vivid and clear in your mind, it’s time that you start writing your script.

  • Quit Beating about the Bush

As you can see from the very definition of an explainer video that they are meant to be short. Hence, it is important that you get to the point pretty quickly rather than hovering around and introducing your business. Explainer videos are a marketing tool and are developed to raise the interest of the consumer in your products or services.

  • Know and Research your Audience

According to us there hardly will be a scenario when your product or service is meant for everyone. Hence, an explainer video must be developed by keeping your target audience in mind. For example, if you are a business of sports nutrition your target audience must be consisting of fitness enthusiastic people. Your explainer video will hold no meaning for a person who is not interested in fitness or sports.

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  • Tell the Consumer How your product or service will impact them

Creating a video and simply listing down the features of your products or services don’t contribute to the development of a great explainer video. If you are able to tell the consumers that how your product or service will impact their life you have made a better explainer video. You must convey to the consumer that what benefits they will gain by utilizing your product or service. For example, rather than saying that this Protein Product contains 20g of protein per serving, you can say that feel your muscles building up with 20g of protein per serving. You are conveying the same thing but in a totally different way which has the potential of making the consumer go for your product.

  • Make use of Visuals

If your explainer video contains lots of and lots of text, the very purpose of developing an explainer video fails. People are not clicking on your explainer video to read the text but to watch the visuals. Nobody remembers what they had read but if the same thing is conveyed visually it stays in the brain for a pretty long period. That’s why you can’t remember what you have read in your History textbook in 6th grade but you jolly well remember the movie which you have watched with your friend by bunking school in 6th grade. Visuals do stay. We are not saying that you shouldn’t include text at all but we are trying to say that a great explainer video is the one which displays an idea in a creative and beautiful manner.

  • Make it entertaining

Boring and bland explainer videos are not going to make your business achieve its marketing goals. Again, you can make use of a lot of visuals and develop an enjoyable story that exhibits the importance of your products or services in the consumer’s life. Add a few fun elements here and there to make sure that a person watching your explainer video doesn’t get bored.

  • The music behind the video is important

So, you have decided everything, created a script and developed a great explainer video with lots of interesting visuals and a good story. However, if you fail to take note of the music behind the explainer video you will be failing in your very objective. For example, if you are promoting a kid’s clothing brand then the music behind your explainer video must elicit feelings of delight and excitement.

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  • Voiceover or Fonts must be clear

If you are providing a voiceover to your explainer video make sure that the voice is loud, clear and understandable. There’s no point making an explainer video with a voiceover that is difficult to understand. On the other hand, if you are utilizing fonts in your explainer video make sure that the same is readable and visually clear.  If a consumer has to zoom your video to read what you have written the whole idea behind making an explainer video becomes pointless.

  • Call to action must be included at the end

If your explainer video, in the end, is not providing a prompt as to what the consumer needs to do now then the likely customer will most likely skip looking for your business and decide to give you products or services a pass. Hence, it is ideal that once your audience is done watching the video they must be provided the next steps that they require to follow.

Final Words

These are the essential qualities that are desirable from an explainer video to possess in order to make the business achieve its marketing objective. Please note that your explainer video must weave magic on your audience that they feel compelled to share your explainer video over the social media making it reach to every nook and cranny of the section of the audience that you are trying to target.

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