Top 8 Best Reliable SSL Certificate Providers 2017

Best Reliable SSL Certificate Providers

April 2014, the Heartbleed bug. Even the mentioning of this two words together will send a chill down the spines of webmasters and web developers. A major security breach in the OpenSSL open-source library put at risk several millions of computers and websites.

Thus, the need for higher web security was felt. Google, the world’s top most search engine did not waste much time to take counteractive measures. It made its notion to make the web a safe place for everyone by making HTTPS a mandate for search engine friendliness and higher ranking.

They even kickstarted a campaign titled “Encrypt All The Things” which encouraged webmasters to abandon the traditional HTTP protocol and upgrade to HTTPS. That opened up a pandora box of queries and worries relating to SSL certificates and SSL certificate providers.

To begin with, not everyone had or still has a clear idea of how to pick the right SSL certificate for their website. Each website – bet it eCommerce, personal blog or enterprise has its own unique security requirements.

Moreover, for websites it is necessary to pick the best and popular SSL certificate providers whom their customers and website visitors know about. A less popular SSL certificate on the website may not provide as much as trust as one that is known and seen everywhere.

Best Reliable SSL Certificate Providers

Before you decide to make a buy, here are some important factors to be borne in mind. Some essential traits that your choice of SSL certificate and the Certificate Authority (CA) must have to give your website the maximum thrust.

  • The CA must provide Extended Validation SSL certificate
  • There must be round the clock tech assistance, just in case if things go wrong
  • A security badge or trust seal must accompany the SSL certificate
  • Online tools to check the vital stats of the certificate must be available
  • An auto-renewal or a reminder system must be in place
  • A money-back guarantee along with warranty must be provided

Now coming to picking a certificate authority. If if you are wondering which are the top reliable SSL certificate providers you can consider for encrypting your website, we put together a list that will make your choice-making easier.

Here are the Top 8 Reliable SSL Certificate Providers

1. VeriSign

Taken over by Symantec in 2010, VeriSign is a leading name in the online security, SSL Certificates, Identity Protection services. As a matter of fact, SmallBusinessNewz ranked it one among the top 5 SSL certificate providers in the Internet in 2008.

Symantec SSL certificate from VeriSign offers 256-bit rate encryption which can keep all your data exchange between the browser and server intact. The CA also offers an EV SSL certificate for $1,000 which will give your website address bar the coveted green highlight, organizational details and the padlock symbol. Vulnerability assessment and $1.5 Million warranty are additional features of the SSL certificate providers.

2. GeoTrust

GeoTrust competes as an excellent alternative for VeriSign. The basic encryption certificate is available from a price range of $149 scaling up to $745 for EV SSL certificate. GeoTrust also extends round the clock assistance, warranty and money-back guarantee for its certificate buyers.

The QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificate comes with Extended Validation and can be used for encrypting single or multiple subdomains. The bit rate encryption goes as high as 2048-bit rate ensuring total privacy and confidentiality for your website’s transactions.

3. Comodo

Comodo has established itself as a Certificate Authority that offers SSL certificates for all kinds of users. From corporate websites to domestic users or even eCommerce websites, Comodo has a huge portfolio of SSL certificates. 99.99% compatibility is what makes Comodo a top pick for SSL certificates. Starting from a price range of $64.95 and climbing up to $359 for Extended Validation SSL certificates, there is something from Comodo that will fit into the budget of all users.


SSL2BUY is a name that resonates with trust when it comes to buying SSL certificates. Boasting a wide range of SSL certificates ranging from basic single-domain certificates to wildcard SSL certificates, it is a comprehensive collection of world-class SSL certificates. The company offers round-the-clock support, branded certificates, cost-effective certificates and trust seals add to its effectiveness.

5. DigiCert

DigiCert is the first-choice of global brands like Yahoo, NASA, Amazon, Facebook, AT&T and the likes. That makes it one of the sturdy SSL certificates in the industry too. You can pick a basic DigiCert SSL certificate for as low as $156 per annum. If you want a complete Extended Validation SSL Certificate, you will have to dole out approximately $500 per annum. However, the worth is well justified with the trust seal that is recognized by all, green address bar and the padlock symbol.

6. Thawte

If not DigiCert and the rest, there is Thawte which can give you an affordable SSL certificate with all facilities minus the expensive costs. A 256-bit rate basic SSL certificate will cost anywhere from $149 onwards and as high as $600. If you sign up Thawte for a 2 year purchase, then you might even be able to knock off some more discount on the total bill ($305 lesser approximately)

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is primarily a web hosting service provider, which also makes it a preferred destination for most webmasters to buy an SSL certificate. The great thing about GoDaddy is its extremely affordable SSL certificates which range from $69.99 per month to $89.99 for the Deluxe certificate. They also provide 24/7 technical assistance along with money-back guarantee and warranty for losses if any during the validity period.

8. Network Solutions

SSL certificates from Network Solutions are good bargains, especially if you are planning to buy one for the long-term. A 4-year term SSL certificate can be purchased for as low as $49.99, which is comparatively inexpensive compared to any other offering in the market. Network Solutions certificates offer 99% browser recognition, 256-bit rate encryption, 24/7 support and even free reissues. The trust seal of Network Solutions is also easily recognized by web users.

Final Verdict

Naming a single Certificate Authority as the best to buy SSL certificate is an impossible task. Each CA and their SSL certificates have unique traits that separates them from the rest.

We have tried to break down as much as required information to help you pick a reliable SSL certificate provider for your website. Each of the CA also have their own support and enquiry module from where additional details can be obtained. Pick a CA based on sound enquiry and you will have your website kept secure at all times.

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