Top SEO techniques for Small Business

Use the Internet to Grow Your Business

The online world is a huge leveler as far as business is concerned. Even the small companies can not only take on big business but beat them at their game too. But for this to happen, small businesses need:
A smart business and marketing plan.
The right tools – manpower and technology – to harness resources.
A great SEO strategy.

There are quite a few SEO techniques out there and here is a list of the top techniques that will amp up local business.

Get a laser sharp focus

Instead of trying to operate in a larger space, narrow down your business into a niche. For instance, if you are a florist, try projecting yourself as a florist who is a specialist in wedding bouquets. Yes, you will certainly be able to give your customer a wider range but in your SEO activities, carve out a niche as the wedding specialist. Your keywords then should be designed to project your website in this niche space.

Go social

Your website and business should exploit the social media space smartly and comprehensively. In fact, getting into conversations with customers – existing and potential – on social networking sites is one of the best ways in which you can project yourself as the industry expert. Adopt a conversational approach on social media and do not go with hard-selling/pitchy talk.

Local SEO

This is a rather simple tenet of business. A person looking for specific types of business may prefer a local presence. For instance, an auto repair mechanic, pet care services and so many other businesses need to be accessible, physically, to their customers. So if your business is ‘location specific’ then invest in local SEO. Your keyword(s) then should include the name of your location. This will give customers the opportunity to not only find your business listing online but also visit your shop immediately.


Experts suggest that you should earn the links to your website and not buy them. This calls for a bit of networking – in the physical and virtual worlds. Invest in and attract links from:
Complementary businesses.
Allied companies.
Good quality websites.
Industry experts who may have a blog or a website of their own and so on.

The idea is to attract high quality and not high quantity links.

Keyword and content research

Keywords and content will make or break your business visibility. Your research into keyword should give you a list of the keywords and key phrases that people may use to look for the products you sell.

However, it is not a good idea to use all the keywords and stuff your content with them. Use keywords smartly and let them be a natural fit into your content. Content cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to SEO for small business.

Take the time to create original content, use original images and refresh content periodically. Use long tail keywords in your content which will allow the rest of the text to flow naturally. Truly, content is one of the most important elements in your SEO landscape.

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  1. All of these techniques should be implemented by many small businesses if they want to improve their rankings and have a fighting chance versus big businesses with even bigger marketing budgets. Anyway, getting involved in social media sites is also a great way for a new small business to promote their site online. Social sites are where many web surfers spend the majority of their online time. Thus, linking your content on these social media sites is an excellent way to put your business in the face of your known audience and also a fantastic opportunity to gain quality backlinks by exposing your brand to your targeted audiences.

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