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Top Website Security Tools to Try Out Today

These days, millions of people around the world have their own blogs or company websites which they use to share information, market and sell wares, provide customer service and much more. These sites are useful in a wide variety of ways and bring many benefits.

However, websites are vulnerable to hacker attack, particularly smaller sites or those not been protected in any way. To ensure your site stays life and running optimally doesn’t get crashed or locked in a ransomware attack or have sensitive data stolen, it’s vital that you take steps to keep cybercriminals at bay. This is where website security tools are important.

The best website vulnerability scanning and security tools have a number of features. For example, they are automated and easy to install and use; they detect threats and respond to them; they have extensive reporting functionality,; and they have a minimal impact on an individual’s or firm’s productivity because they’re simple yet effective and don’t hinder growth.

If you’re ready to start protecting your valuable digital asset today, read on for some top website security tools you can try out ASAP.


Read any SiteLock review or feature, and you’ll soon learn that this is one of the most popular website security tools on the market, protecting over 12 million websites from cyber attacks. The company provides the first and only website security solution to offer completely automated cloud-based protection.

Using industry-leading anti-malware security technology to automatically detect threats and attacks, SiteLock boasts features such as automated website malware detection and removal, automated vulnerability scanning and patching, and automated pen and source code testing. The security company tech can fix issues by removing malware automatically and eliminating backdoors into sites. It also offers DDoS protection, SQLi and XSS prevention and has a managed web application firewall (WAF).

E-commerce stores will be better able to meet PCI compliance standards by using this product, and they can help to build trust with consumers and convert more leads into sales by displaying SiteLock’s handy Trust Seal.

Customer service is also a heavy focus. The company provides 24/7/365 support, with U.S.-based service representatives who pride themselves on resolving issues quickly via phone and email. There are three plan options available for SiteLock, with prices starting from $30 per month.


Sucuri is another popular website security service and is used by tens of thousands of customers. This product has a system that is easy to deploy and use. There are no tricky setup or installation steps to worry about; although you can freely customize the tech to suit your organization’s specific needs. Helpfully, the platform is compatible with any CMS, too.

Sucuri is also known for concentrating on cutting-edge security research, which means that potential issues are constantly being addressed. The software includes features such as unlimited malware and hacks cleanup (at no extra cost), blacklist removal, website firewall, DDoS protection, scanning that never stops, prevention against malware and attacks and more.

Like SiteLock, Sucuri offers round-the-clock customer support throughout the year. Staff members are globally distributed. There is also a 30-day guarantee on offer, which means you can try the service to see if it will suit your needs. Plans for Sucuri start from $199.99 per year. There are three plan options to choose between.

Comodo cWatch

network security

The third website security tool that tops the list of reviews time and time again is Comodo cWatch. Created by well-known cybersecurity company Comodo, the cWatch product is a fully managed service offering a web application firewall over a secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) that ensures websites retain high availability.

The company has an operation center that’s staffed 24 hours per day by certified security analysts and leverages data from more than 100 million domains and 85 million endpoints. As such, it prides itself on detecting and mitigating threats before they occur.

Comodo cWatch also has top features such as a PCI-compliant scanning tool, extensive reporting capabilities, all day and night customer service and a service that leads to a minimal impact on business productivity. The firm’s customers are protected with six layers of enterprise-level security technology. In addition, cWatch has three plans, with the most basic one being free (it covers only manual scans plus a single malware removal service). Paid plans start at $9.90 per month.

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