Truecaller Forecasts Exponential Growth In Many Markets Beyond India


As of May 10, Truecaller’s monthly active users outside of India topped 100 million, making it the biggest worldwide platform for authenticating contacts and banning abusive conversations. Truecaller’s rapid expansion is a global phenomenon, with the fastest expansion occurring in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

What is Truecaller?

When it comes to validating contacts and banning unsolicited communication, Truecaller (TRUE B) is the undisputed leader worldwide. We facilitate communications between individuals in a way that is secure and useful, and we streamline the process of connecting companies with their customers.

In digital economy, particularly in developing countries, fraud and spam are constant problems. Our goal is to improve confidence in interpersonal exchanges. More than 350 million people use Truecaller on a regular basis, making it an essential component of their communication.

The app has been downloaded over a billion times since its release, and it is projected to identify and reject 50 billion spam calls in 2022. We are a co-founder-led, entrepreneurial firm with a highly experienced management team, and we have been based in Stockholm since 2009.

An amazing new milestone for us is reaching 100 million MAUs outside of India. South East Asia, South America, and Africa are some of the world’s fastest-growing areas, and this trend has persisted for quite some time. CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi credits increased organic growth and highly effective performance marketing spending for the company’s rapid expansion since the second part of Q1.

In the first quarter of 2023, Truecaller recorded an average of 95.1 million monthly active users for RoW, with the figure rising to 97.2 million by the quarter’s conclusion.

Quarterly, in conjunction with the interim reporting, Truecaller will continue to disclose the average number of monthly and daily users.

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