Dell Technologies And Alienware Have Released Two New Gaming PCs In India For The Year 2023

Dell Technologies Alienware

The new Alienware m16 and x14 R2 gaming laptops from Dell Technologies and Alienware have been released in India. The newest 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM CPUs and NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40-Series GPUs are included in the new devices, which were created to provide an excellent balance of premium performance and mobility. Both laptops have a 16:10 display as their main selling point and are outfitted with the renowned Legend 3.0 design, cutting-edge Alienware Cryo-techTM thermal architecture, and the reworked Alienware Command Centre 6.0 to give gamers the best of both worlds in a portable package.

According to Pujan Chadha, Director of Product Marketing for Consumer Products at Dell Technologies India, “we are excited to introduce our latest additions to the Alienware portfolio, which is premium, luxurious, portable, and for gamers who prioritise performance. Our wide selection of Alienware and G-series devices are the top choices for competitive and casual gamers alike.

The Alienware m16: A Portable Powerhouse

Power, fast frame rates, and maxed-out graphics settings are all hallmarks of Alienware’s M series laptops, which gamers can enjoy while immersed in their favourite games. The new Alienware m16 achieves this goal with its up to 9TB of storage, 13th-generation Intel Core i9 processors, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics processing unit.

By using Element 31 thermal interface material on both the CPU and GPU to disperse heat and by expanding the vapour chamber that surrounds the CPU and GPU to assist draw heat away, the cutting-edge Alienware Cryo-techTM thermal design improves the gaming experience. By drawing air in via seven heat pipes and expelling it through five vents, the four ultra-thin fans improve ventilation by roughly 25 per cent.

The 16:10 aspect ratio and the QHD+ display, which offers a choice between 165Hz and 240Hz refresh rate, are great complements to the powerful performance. Dolby VisionTM and Dolby Atmos® are also included, making for a realistic gaming experience. The m16 is a future-proof gadget that can handle the needs of even the most resource-hungry gamers thanks to its combination of a new Full HD webcam and a Full HD IR camera.

The x14 R2 is a great addition to your arsenal of mobile gaming tools.

The updated Alienware x14 R2 debuted at CES 2023 with a smaller form factor while maintaining the same level of luxury as its predecessor. The x14 R2 is the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop on the market, and its new display panel improves on all fronts, providing more screen real estate and a higher quality thanks to 97% more pixels. The gadget has a 165Hz QHD+ display, Type-C compatibility for easily transportable gaming, and the fastest charging available with Express Charge.

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