Turn Any Surface Into A Smart Interface with Welle


We know it seems like those Sci-Fi Hollywood movies, but it’s true. A Hong Kong-based tech startup has launched a new innovative device. Welle is a gesture recognition device, which can turn any surface into a smart interactive gesture pad. That means you can just put the device on the table and draw some gesture and the certain action will be executed. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Welle : The technology behind it?

A-Smart-Interface-with-WelleWelle works as a handwriting recognition system. Which means it has a sensor to recognize your handwriting on any surface. And in the case of Welle, it is a Sonar sensor. The Sonar technology is widely used in the field of military and automotive drones. It basically transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from the targets.

Like Radar, and dolphins, and bats. Bats are scary by the way!

So once the Signal are collected back, they are translated into an instruction and then those instructions are directed to the IoT devices, for examples smart lights or Google home assistant.

How to give a gesture?

Turn Any Surface Into A Smart InterfaceSimple, just draw it.

There is a various predefined gesture in the device, which you can configure from the Welle app. There is also some unique gesture such as drawing an alphabet for a specific task. Like M for music and D for dance and so on.


Since it is a start-up. The device is not available at e-commerce website such as Amazon, but it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Kickstart.com. The retail price of the device is 99$, but you can buy in less if you hurry; they are offering discounts.

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