Word on the tweet: How your Twitter marketing can complement your print publicity

Word on the tweet: How your Twitter marketing can complement your print publicity 1

One of the best things that you can do to support your print publicity is to introduce Twitter marketing. Social media is a fantastic way of pulling in a new audience and showing them the values of your company. Virtual and traditional marketing are both excellent tools to generate business. That’s why it is time for you to combine the two of them together to bring in more sales. Here is how you can combine the two together to have the ultimate marketing strategy.

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How your Twitter marketing can complement your print publicity

twitter marketing
twitter marketing

Physical and Electronic Adverts

One of the best things about Twitter marketing is that you can use videos in your posts. Obviously, you cannot do the same thing for print publicity, however, you can create posters to be displayed on public transport and billboards that complement the advertisement. For instance, the poster can easily use a humorous slogan that can be expanded on in the Twitter video. Twesocial can help you market your Twitter account. Using short and catchy slogans can catch the attention of your audience, especially if you start thinking outside of the box. Go weird and make something up that people need to think about. This gives you an edge over your competitors.

Business Cards & Twitter

Now, if you decided to buy a product from Duplo International to help you make business cards, you would wonder to yourself, how can this help my advertising campaign on Twitter? Well, this is where your creativity comes in to play. Not only can you use your printed business cards to advertise your Twitter, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can incorporate different Twitter comments into your business cards. Take a look online at some of the bigger Twitter accounts, like Wendy’s and SparkNotes. Both of them use memes and funny conversations to spark interest. If you are doing a similar strategy, put your funniest conversations on your cards! This will make you look unique and will increase the chance that your client will keep your card.

Books & Downloads

Let’s say that your business tends to produce a lot of informative articles and whitepapers. You want a chance to show them off, right? Whilst these sort of things are great for conversions if you share a link to them on Twitter, if you want to take things a step further, you could even use your print publicity to create small books of your articles that you could give away at “Meet and Greets” or business conferences. That way you can stick in the minds of your audience.

Being memorable is an important factor in business. Try advertisements that no other businesses would be willing to try to advertise your products. You can even advertise on Twitter that your articles (and perhaps some additional ones) will be available in a giveaway. As you can see, marketing is a cycle that can flow between traditional mediums and digital mediums. Use one to enhance the other. That way you will always be different to your competitors in the long run.

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