U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review 2021- Best Bluetooth Neckband in Budget?

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic

There is lot of Bluetooth neckband in the market, every tech product company has its own line of audio products. This lead customer to a wide variety of options in every budget that is really good. But the main question is which one is best for you that fulfil your requirements without shrinking your pocket. Recently, U&i product caught my eye as they are giving their Bluetooth neckband earphone for just Rs 699 with great “on paper specifications”. So we will give you a detailed U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review to check if it is worth it or just a low price marketing stunt.

Let’s familiar with the brand first, U&i is a brand established in India in 2019 and has been focusing on growing its product segment generally in the category of portable electronics. It has launched many of its exclusive flagship gadgets with great design and sleek exteriors. In addition, this year, they launched a Bluetooth neckband by the name of U & I Prime Shuffle 2.

The company is being endorsed by the likes of Bollywood actors such as John Abraham and Shahid Kapoor. And they have been continuously focusing on growing their electronics brand by launching products at competitive prices. The U & I Prime Shuffle 2 aim just at that with its pricing set at Rs. 699.

Surprisingly, you get a decent audio gadget with many features that we will discuss with you at this very low and affordable cost.

Shuffle 2 Earphone Specifications

Product typeNeckband
Battery Capacity180mAh
Transmission Range10m
Bluetooth Version5.0
Playing timeUp to 18 hours
Talking TimeUp to 20 hours
Charging Time2 hours
Standby TimeUp to 200 hours
Charging PortMicro USB
Pricing699 INR on Amazon.in

What’s in the Box

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic
  1. Bluetooth Neckband Earphones x1pc
  2. Micro USB Cable x1pc
  3. User Manual x1pc
  4. Warranty Card x1pc
  5. Eartips x4pc (2 pair of sizes)

Material and Build Quality

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic

The neckband is built of solid material with a smooth plastic surface and the best part is it has been manufactured locally in India itself. The buttons provided on the neckband are quite tactile in nature and work seamlessly with the smartphone of your choice. With metallic earbuds and good quality rubberised shark fin gives it a sporty look as well as make very sturdy in your ear, and you can use it while playing sports or while taking part in any physical activity.

Audio Quality

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic

Coming to the most important part of any earphones – Audio quality, these earphones have a very clear and loud sound you may not even use its 100% volume. I used it on a maximum of 60% to 80%. When it comes to music bass, it feels good in such a price segment. But if you have used expensive earphones like Apple Airpods or Sony Earphones, then you will find much difference in it. But normal users with a low budget can definitely go for it.

U & I Prime Shuffle 2 boasts of long playback time of approximately 18 hours but whiling testing I found it can play around 16.5hours on a single charge with 60%-70% volume that is also very good. When it comes to its charging it takes around 2 hours with a laptop USB. The in-built microphone is of average quality and reduces some of the background noise around you while you talk in public.

Basic Features & Connectivity

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic

The Shuffle 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced connectivity and provides you with a transmission range of up to 10 meters. You can enjoy your favourite games with ease with low latency. It works the best if you are into casual gaming of sorts. The buttons on the neckband allow the user to play, pause, skip to next, skip to the previous track with ease. The power on/off button on the Shuffle 2 also acts as a button to activate Siri or Google Assistant with ease. All you need to do is hold the middle button for approximately 3 seconds.

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review techniblogic

For a gadget priced at Rs. 699. the U & I Prime Shuffle 2 comes loaded with brilliant features. The lithium-polymer battery used in this gadget can be charged with the help of a Micro USB cable which you also get inside the box. The cable is of excellent build as well. This product may not have the best features on the sheet, but it gets the job done at a very affordable price tag. The product’s dimensions are 20.5 cm x 15.4 cm x 3.5 cm, and it weighs approximately 190 grams.

U&i Prime Shuffle 2 Review: Worth to Buy?

If we have to conclude in one sentence we can say it is a good deal to buy for your daily use in such price segment. It is lightweight, has a loud sound as well as good battery life. You can check out an Unboxing video of this product for a better understanding of the build quality and don’t forget to LIKE and COMMENT on the video to get a FREE U&i Prime Shuffle 2 yourself.

If you are interested to buy these budget earphones, you can visit the official website of U & I or Amazon’s website to avail yourself of this gadget. The price tag is currently the same on both pages.

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