US Electronics Giant Frigidaire Expands Presence in Indian Market

Frigidaire expands footprint to Indian market

In order to break into the Indian market with its tried-and-true electronic home appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc., American consumer electronics manufacturer Frigidaire has teamed up with the well-known Indian consumer electronics brand Ossify.

This announcement was made in New Delhi on April 10, 2023. With cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi connection and inverter technology, these cutting-edge goods from the company of Electrolux give customers a reimagined experience for domestic needs. Frigidaire, based in the United States, has been a phenomenal player in the global market for more than a century, supplying the best quality consumer home appliances across the globe. However, Ossify Industries is the first company to bring Frigidaire’s products to the Indian market.

Our mission from the beginning has been to provide the people of India access to cutting-edge consumer goods at prices within their means. It is an honour to work with a company as prestigious as Frigidaire, which has spent decades earning a stellar reputation for producing high-quality home appliances. Mr Sandeep Chaudhary, Founder of Ossify Group, is certain that the Frigidaire electronic home appliances will quickly overtake the competition and become the market standard.

When Frigidaire enters the Indian market for the first time, it will bring with it cutting-edge air conditioners that have powerful compressors and multi-directional airflow systems to rapidly chill space and make it more comfortable to spend time in. A remote control is included with each air conditioner for your convenience. It has inverter technology, antibacterial filters that are simple to clean, and three levels of energy management.

Frigidaire air conditioners are our first offering to Indian customers, and they will be sold solely on major online marketplaces. As temperatures throughout the world continue to climb, we have pushed forward with the release of our air conditioners in order to meet the increasing demand. This is particularly true in countries like India, which have a highly variable environment that is characterized by a combination of rainy and dry tropical weather. Mr. Chaudhary added that the company’s refrigerators and washing machines will soon be made accessible to consumers.

Frigidaire has been at the forefront of technological advancement in North America for almost a century, and the company has maintained its dominating position in the industry thanks to its constant pursuit of innovation. Ossify Industries and Frigidaire have just teamed together, and they’re ready to make a bigger splash in the rapidly growing Indian market.

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