Usefulness of Technical Debt Metaphor to Business

Usefulness of Technical Debt Metaphor to Business 1

There is a lot of disagreement among the usefulness of tech debt to the business among the software developers, and people look for a commonly shared definition of it so that all professional developers can work on it with equal ease. The practice and management of tech debt are at the developing stage, and in most of the times, it is seen that the software engineers approach the product manager when tech debt is incurred and ask for money so that they can fix it. At this stage, most of the engineers, as well as the managers, do not clearly understand what exactly tech debt means and what is its relevance to the current project. It is taken for granted that poor architectural design could be the probable cause.

Rank The Statements

When the statements are ranked to a proper scale, it could help a lot in the clear understanding of the metaphor. Such a scale may enable the engineers and product managers to strongly agree on terms which previously were disagreed. Aspects like lack of awareness, the notion of principal and the interest, the requirement for paying back the debt can be easily agreed upon and come to a unanimous decision. With such clear perception of technical debt, it would be easy to refactor the defective code and release bug-free codes in the future.

Perceptions of Tech Debt

The perception of tech debt on open-ended questions is comparatively high level with concepts like interest, awareness, time pressure being some which are mostly common. When the concept of interest was assigned to the definition as the extra effort that has to be given to a defective project which may not be required for codes that are pure, the abstractness in such concept lacked the detail which is required to delineate the source of tech debt from the probable causes and the possible consequences.

Design And Construction Approach

The usefulness of tech debt is more or less unanimously agreed by the software engineers irrespective of the difference in the interpretations. There is a consensus that is seen with the design and construction approach which in the short term is expedient. The data and analysis of all the studies reflect that the leading source of tech debt is the choice for the architecture of the software. The designing along with the architectural choices take a long time to evolve and is also very hard to plan. It also requires a lot of money and therefore it is essential to manage the drift between the understanding, both preliminary and current.

Paying It Off Pays

Just like it is essential to pay off your financial debt so that you do not have to face a piled up debt amount which is unmanageable to pay and probably have to go for credit card consolidation loan for it, you should also pay off technical debt as well. There is an essential requirement to monitor and bridge the gap between architecture choices and development for better performance and to improve the ongoing analysis of architecture choices and management strategy.

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