User Experience Leads to Better Branding: Breathe New Life into Your Website by Installing These 3 WordPress Plugins

Cool Free Wordpress Plugins

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins available, it can be hard to know which ones are appropriate for your website. There are a number of these plugins that can improve your website, and help to bring more traffic to the site. Using these plugins can be a huge timesaver which allows you to put more time into other aspects of website maintenance.

SEO Framework

If your goal is to bring more traffic to your website, then the advice from any marketing agencies would be to put some time into SEO. Using SEO Framework with your WordPress site will help immensely with this work. Connecting this plugin will immediately improve the search rankings of your website because of the optimization work the plugin is capable of. The SEO Framework has advanced AI that will automatically optimize each part of the website, but it also has several settings that can be manually adjusted as needed. The plugin will enable breadcrumbs for Google Search and will generate titles and descriptions that mesh well with the various Google guidelines. Another great feature of the plugin is that it supports different protocols to improve social media sharing.


Having reliable statistics to analyze is another great way to make improvements to your website, and the Jetpack plugin can make this process much more efficient. The plugin will offer up a wide range of site statistics as well as allow you to schedule social media promotional content for new posts before they are published. The Jetpack plugin also makes changing the theme of your WordPress site very simple. There are customizations for blog posts, sidebars and widgets and all the work can be done without using any code.

Pretty Links

Shortening and redirecting links is important to work for bringing in more traffic to your website, but this can be extremely time-consuming work. Pretty Links is another great WordPress plugin that significantly saves time and makes the work much more efficient. One of the best things about the plugin in the ability to shorten links. When affiliates are using links, they are typically extremely long and complicated. This can make the link sharing overly complicated, and potential visitors can be scared off by links that don’t look trustworthy. Pretty Links has a few simple fields to fill in that will quickly shorten the link to something recognizable and easy to remember. Pretty Links also has a variety of options for link redirection which can lead to greater click-through rates and can prevent link theft. There are permanent and temporary link redirection options for you to choose from with just a few clicks. Link management and link tracking are two other very useful features that will help to manage the many affiliates that you are likely to have with your website.

Driving more traffic to your website can be a complicated and time-consuming task without the right set of tools. Using these three WordPress plugins is a great starting point for saving time and making some significant improvements to your site. These tools, along with many others can increase traffic, provide more reliable statistics to analyze, and make link sharing much more manageable.

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