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Visual Search, What It Is, Benefits and Optimization Tips

Although one of the less-discussed topics, visual browsing has been around for several years. It is for popular engines and social media platforms, including Pinterest, Bing, Snapchat, Amazon, and Google. According to one statistic reported, 62% of the visual search image site members want to use visual browsing instead of other browsing types.

What is a visual search?

Visual browsing uses artificial intelligence technology to help people browse through the real world’s image search through text internet surfing. So, when someone takes pictures of an object, using Google Lens, for example, identifies a software object in the photo and provides information.

This technology is beneficial for eCommerce. With the implementation of well-optimized content, they could stand a chance to become the image search results returned to the user. A company that appears to the effects of popular queries could stand to make a lot of money.

Difference between Image Search and Visual Search

Visual browsing falls under the umbrella of what is known as “sensory seeker,” which includes browsing through text, voice, vision, and browsing results to users.

With visual examination, the user is using an image to explore. As you may be aware that search using pictures has been used for almost 20 years. Therefore, the search image by image is providing users the ease to browse graphical content.

Make Connections to New Customers

Prospective customers will look to make any personal relationship with a website. Trust is essential in helping customers move toward a potential purchase decision. Amy Vener, a vertical retail strategy for image search lead at Pinterest, said: “Visual invention allows consumers to produce a more emotional connection, which translates into less price sensitivity.”

Another way to help create a connection with your customers is photo-based content through Google Cameos, which you can have using search for the image.

Sell to Customers who have made the Decision.

With adequately optimized content through image search, you can find sites you interact with people who have made their minds about whether they want to make a purchase, especially if they are using Pinterest Lens or StyleSnap.

One of the essential benefits of visual search through the reverse picture is that, after some investment, the site can look forward to increasing revenue opportunities vastly. According to Gartner, early adopters, and both optical and voice finding algorithms can find their coffers increased by 30% in 2021.

Best Tips to Optimize Images for Visual Search

Visual search is still an emerging concept as online business is still in the transition phase. It is essential to attract traffic and increase sales. Here are some best practices for optimizing pictures if you want your site to appear in an image search.

  • Use the Structured Data

When adding other content types for the website, it is essential to provide the search engines with as much information as possible. One crucial way to do this is through structured data as it will help your site appear in rich snippets in Google.

  • Add Alternative Text

Alternate text is read by search engines to help them understand the photo’s context and meaning. People who use screen readers also need alt text to understand the context of an image.  Multiple websites lack alternative text whereas image search could be of help for such sites.

  • Use a descriptive filename.

Context is everything, especially when you are trying to get your picture to a broad audience. While it is relatively common for the photo file to be named something similar to “IMG_12345.jpg,” it is best to give as much information as possible.

So, instead of using the picture titled “IMG_12345.jpg,” following the rocking example, rename it to “man-with-yellow-shaker.jpg.” As well as being honest, clear, and concise, you also have to make sure that the file name for the image search.

  • Got Pictures Sitemap

Having a sitemap image will increase your pictures’ likelihood by search engines, especially if you have an idea loaded via JavaScript. It is useful to have a photo sitemap to help Google identify, crawl, and index your pictures.

  • Use the proper size and type of Image File.

To ensure that your content is as optimized as possible, it is also essential to think about your photo files’ size, as this may affect how quickly your site loads for the user. As you may be aware, a site with a slow loading speed quickly eliminates any potential customers who might have otherwise had.


This recommendation is based purely on visual browsing, but you need to consider all the factors related to its accessibility, speed, performance, and content to optimize your website. You can also consult with the best providers, such as reverse image search experts, to redesign the site and update your old site to the new digital trends.

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