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Ways in Which You Can Avoid Accumulating Technical Debt

Many software companies accumulate tech debt and some even ignore it for the immediate gains and thereby risking the future existence of the company. It is found that in most cases people do not understand why tech debt accumulates and what the consequences of tech debt are.  There are also enough examples where the development and the technical team allow tech debt to happen thinking that it would not affect so much. Well, like any other financial debt, a little of tech debt is good enough for the business but it is also necessary to manage it well and keep it within manageable limits just like other debts.

Consequence Of Poor Design

Technical debt is the consequence of a poorly designed code base which fails to deliver the return s expected as there are a lot of bugs and defects within the code lines. It is basically a metaphor that is related to the architecture and development of a software program. When anything does not function well you have to repair it by qualified technician and similarly in projects having tech debt must be repaired with the help of your qualified development team. This means that the team has to work extra on it to make it proper which they could have utilized for some other beneficial purpose. This is technical debt.

Makes Hard To Deliver  

When such rework is not done, which is same as not paying your credit card debt, and ignored, it accumulates with the principle in forms of accrued interest which makes it even harder to deliver. The project then exceeds the budget along with the time for production and also decreases in quality and efficiency as well. It would result in disorder in the software and would eventually become a failed project. Therefore, like your financial debt which you repaid by taking a consolidation loan, technical debt too has to be repaid at some point of time.

Reasons Of Tech Debt

The most significant reason for tech debt to exist in a project is that the development tem may have used agile or other methods of approach for designing but may not have the complete understanding of the big picture right at the outset of the code designing. Such ignorance is even more significant in case of a large and a complex project. Therefore, to keep things under control you should understand the expectations of the stakeholders’ right from the very beginning.

Ways To Avoid

When you translate such expectations of the stakeholders into feasible and verifiable language and use it in designing, you get a better code. The product would then meet what was translated and accordingly validate the code. In this way the code finally designed would meet the intended purpose within the operational environment. This would prevent the time and money wasted on reworking or refactoring a defective codebase and accumulation of technical debt. Remember, just like financial debt, technical debt has all the characteristics only difference being in the visibility. You have to repay both, no matter whatever way or time you choose for it. When dealing with credit card debt issues, it is very essential to check out for credit card consolidation loan reviews so as to go for the best one. Research well and make wise decisions.

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