11 Unique Web Design Trends for eCommerce Sites

Web Design Trends
Web Design Trends

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues with no signs of abating in 2021, more and more customers are turning to eCommerce sites to fulfil their shopping needs.

In this increasingly saturated market, every web design agency needs to be aware of the latest web design trends to stay ahead of their competitors.

Unique Web Design Trends

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these trends that have emerged in 2021.          

1. Asymmetric Layouts

Web Design Trends

The traditional layout of product galleries is being replaced by multidirectional grid layouts on many sites. The old gird was confined to 90-degree angles, with product images being placed horizontally and vertically. In asymmetric layouts, the grid is discarded, and items can be placed at any angle that the designer can think of to capture the customers’ attention.  

2. Vapourware Aesthetics

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Vapourware aesthetics is a catch-all term that includes various subcultures that have existed individually since the 1980s. The visual element of futurism, surrealism and nostalgia come under the umbrella of vaporwave aesthetics. Some characteristic elements of the aesthetic include psychedelic typography, neon pastel colour schemes and grainy, low-resolution visuals.

3. Navigation Menu Focus

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Websites have had a navigation menu since the dawn of the internet. But usually, this navigation menu was relegated to a sidebar or was accessed separately.  In this new trend, the navigation menu takes a more dominant role. With resources being spent on making the menu more visually appealing to customers. Efforts are also made to make the menu easier to navigate.

4. Dark Mode

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The dark mode or night mode is an alternative look for a site that changes it’s aesthetic completely. Dark mode has darker colours with fewer whites. This reduces strain on the viewer’s eyes, ensuring they have an easier time browsing the website. The dark mode works well with OLED screens, reducing power costs and extending the screen’s lifespan.

5. Neutral Background Colors

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Perhaps due to vivid colour palettes like neon pink and electric blue, sites are increasingly adopting lighter and softer background colours. These gentler colours are easier on the eyes and give the reader a more relaxed viewing experience. The more neutral backgrounds let the viewer focus their attention on the other visual elements of the site, like images and product portfolios.

6. Ovals

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Web designers are using the oval as an image frame and for buttons. This trend is particularly prevalent with sites looking to portray a more casual image to their consumers. Ovals and circles are used in graphics design to give images a more friendly look. The circle has been used frequently to convey this friendly aesthetic, but the use of the oval this past year is a unique trend.

7. Chatbots

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The implementation of chatbots is another trend that has become more popular this past year. Businesses can reduce the costs of customer support by allowing customers to have their questions answered by chatbots. And today, chatbots have become advanced enough to send emojis and tell jokes. So the chatbot becomes more like a friend than customer support which is something that consumers appreciate.

8. Shoppable Photos

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Shoppable pictures are a type of rich media that can make up a collection of images. The shoppable image is usually high quality and shows one or many products in a single image. Customers can view multiple products in a single image. There are callouts beside each product displaying its price and specifications.

9. Pastel Colour Palettes

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Pastel colours generate emotional associations of happiness and freshness. Web designers are using these colours on sites to create a positive connection between customers and businesses. Pastel colours work well with minimalist web design, used by businesses going for a simple aesthetic.

10. Fun Search Filter Functions

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More search filters, more product categories, and precise product tags are part of this need trend. eCommerce sites are introducing new search tools that allow customers to find the exact product they are looking for. This lets customers save time when making a purchase. These search functions are being made more visually appealing to keep prospective customers’ attention.

11. Mobile-First Approach

11 Unique Web Design Trends for eCommerce Sites 20

With a downturn in customer traffic in physical stores due to the pandemic, more and more purchases are being made through smartphones. Web Designers are redesigning their sites to make them more mobile-friendly. Although this means virtually redesigning the entire site, the costs are offset by smartphone sales’ potential sales.   

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