Why Web Design is So Important

Why Web Design is So Important

The Internet is becoming one of the most utilized tools by people on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, businesses are being forced to increase their online presence in order to stay competitive with their rival companies. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having an online presence, whether it be via social media or your own website, enables you to reach a larger audience and brand yourself better while doing so. Therefore to get best result it is always suggested to use some web design agency.

If you’re going to take your company online, the first step should be to create a website. This way, if potential customers see you on social media or read about you in some sort of third-party review, they can quickly throw your name into the Google search engine and find more information about you. For someone who doesn’t know how to create a website, this can be a challenging task. There are a ton of marketing agencies that can set this up for you. Intensify; a Los Angeles advertising agency is just one example of a company that provides this service.

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The design of your website is going to be the foundation of your online presence, so it should be done very well. If you’ve ever visited a website for the first time, you probably judge it a bit and gather up the first impression. If it doesn’t look professionally done and it’s difficult to navigate, you might opt-out of buying a product from that company and never look back. Making your website design perfect might entail some upfront costs, but this isn’t something you want to skimp on. Below are some key points you want to make sure you investigate before your website goes public.


If your website has more than one page; for example, multiple products, a contact page, a buying option, about us page, etc., you need to make sure that people who visit your website can easily figure out how to get from page to page. A menu bar is the best way to combat this since it’s the most intuitive. A visitor will only search for a certain amount of time before giving up and finding another company who performs the same service or sells the same products.


First impressions are made extremely quickly. Things as simple as colour, font, and layout are very important when it comes to grabbing a visitor’s attention. Depending on what your company does, you want to match that with the design. For example, if your website is made for a law firm, you want it to look professional; darker colour scheme and simple designs. If your website, however, is for an ice cream shop, you’re going to want to use a ton of colours, shapes, and designs to make it fun.

Brand uniformity:

It’s important that if a customer knows your company already, they would relate your website with what they already know about you. For example, if your ice cream shop logo is blue and gold, make sure the colours are uniform on the website as well in order to avoid confusing potential customers. You want things like your fonts to be consistent on your site as well as your brochures and even in your stores. You also want to keep the tone consistent with your company’s values and ideas. You never want a customer to question the consistency of your brand.


You want people to not just view your website but also take part in interacting with it. This has a lot to do with the organization of the website design. As they scroll through your pages there should be things for them to read, links to click on, and even sign-up areas where they can plug in their email for promos and updates. Finding a way to measure this is important so that you know what’s working and what’s not. Typically, the advertising agency you utilize in web design will also be able to measure your engagement and lead generation.

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