What Are Computer Servers & How Do They Work?

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Servers are actually the computers which are specifically designed to transfer and request the data from one device to another connected through a wireless network. In all forms of business, there is at least one server which is the control head and manages the data of other periphery devices. In such systems, databases and other applications are controlled by the servers running on the client’s computer. It has a central hard disk which manages the client’s device and in turn has more storage capacity, memory and processing power than the client’s computer. In this conquest, a client is actually the computer which requests information from the server.

People often confuse the servers with the web server which is actually the type of server. It is important to understand working and processing of server. In a layman language, servers are the high powered machines which extract and inserts certain data and from the internet. The servers can operate on a local area network or LAN or globally as in Wide area network or WAN. Servers are actually the software which requires a robust system to coordinate with the local networks and receive and send the data through hardware device.

Common types of servers and its functionality

Most probably servers are implemented for one specific function. But in the modern era, it is designed and dedicated for multi-purpose activities. The servers are actually the files containing significant data which people or client wants to view. Have a look at few types of servers possessed with different features.

  • Peer to Peer networks: In this type, a single computer or workstation acts as both the server and client. At a single point in time, it acts as both server and a client. For a particular interaction, it provides services and acts as a server while at the same time, it even accesses the information generated by the server. Usually, these types of servers are used in small offices or business or homes.
  • Web Servers: Through the web browsers, web servers provide or show pages and applications you running. Web browsers, in this case, are Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on. The browser is currently connected to the server through which you are able to view the particular page and its different contents. Apart from viewing texts and images, it even helps in uploading and files backing up through online backup services or cloud storage service.
  • E-mail servers: This mainly ensures sending and receiving email messages through the internet. For receiving and sending messages, there are separate servers.
  • Specialized servers: Some servers are designed for specific purposes which fulfill different requirements of the client. DNS, web servers, email servers are its common types. On receiving the human language, it translates into the machine language making it compatible with the machines to understand and respond to the users.

Purpose of servers- a non-ignorable point to know

Servers form the crucial part of any organization and are also the important component of IT sector. There are many terms associated with and one should know complete details about it. Have a look at it.

  • Server clusters: The word cluster actually integrates two separate devices into one to serve a common purpose. The server clusters are the most usual term in the computer networking which integrates different client to serve a specific purpose. The web server farm is its example. Depending upon the configuration of hardware and software, classification of cluster varies.
  • Home-based servers: servers are merely software which people can easily run at home. The devices which are accessible through this are basically attached to the home network. There are separate drives which let different PCs to access different files and folders.
  • Network server types: There are many networks on the internet which employ the client server, a type of networking model that usually integrates the communication services and websites. Apart from the client-server, peer to peer networking is also its types. As per the need and requirements, the device is converted into the client and server. This type, however, provides more privacy as the information is confined to one device.

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