What are the benefits of using iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone?


Social and personal issues are common these days. Smartphone has made our lives easier but it is also the biggest reason for breakups and issues in personal life. Children hide information that parents need to know and employees are lying for a leave. In this situation using the keylogger for iPhone is the only solution you have. Knowing the intentions of another person can help you take the right decision.

What is iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone

The keylogger for iPhone is a special software that will allow you to keystrokes typed on any Apple device including iPad and iPhone. With the help of the software, you can record the keystrokes from the following.

  1. SMS messages
  2. Call history
  3. Website history
  4. GPS locations
  5. Geo-fencing
  6. Social chat messages on different messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber
  7. Surroundings
  8. Voice messages
  9. Screenshots capturing
  10. More

It will be like that you have complete access to what the other person is typing or doing on their iPhone. However, the selection of the best software is very important. There are many keyloggers for iPhone available on the market. iKeyMonitor is the best products.

It is developed with the latest technology and encryption codes that will provide you with better protection. You will get the complete access to the iPhone without letting the other person find out. It will give you the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

How to use keylogger for iPhone

It is very easy to use the keylogger for iPhone iKeyMonitor. Here are some of the simple steps you have to follow to start tracking the phones.

Sign up

You have to register to the iKeyMonitor. Follow all the steps and assure that you fill all the requirements. You will get the access to the 3 days trial.


Once the registration is verified you have to jailbreak the iPhone and download Cydia on your own iPhone. After that, you can download iKeyMonitor from Cydia to complete the process.


It is important that you install the app on your phone. It will take only a few seconds. After that, you can use your unique license key to activate the software.

Start keylogging

Sign in the cloud panel with the login credentials. It will take you to the main dashboard where you can view the monitoring logs remotely. From there you can start the keylogging process.

Benefits of using iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone

You might be wondering why iKeyMonitor is so special. Here we have some of the amazing benefits you will get while using the application.

Easy to use

The best thing about the app is that it is very easy to use. There are no special steps or verification processes you will have to go through. With the simple registration process, you can get access to all the features that you want. Once you have the access to the dashboard you can easily start spying on the target phones. There is a simple tutorial available on the dashboard that will make it easier for you to use the application and software properly. You will not have to deal with any confusions.

Best encryption

iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone has the best encryption codes. It is developed with the latest security codes to assure that users will not have to deal with any kind of data theft. Your information will not be shared with any third party application. If you are planning to take any screenshots, you can surely take it because the pictures will only stay on your phone. As well as the data you are spying on will also stay between the target phone and your device to assure that you will not have to deal with any kind of issues in future.

Stealth mode

One of the best things about the keylogger for iPhone is that it is developed with the stealth mode. When you are spying on someone the last thing you want is for them to find out. If they find out they will never trust you again. So, the iKeyMonitor is developed with the special stealth mode. It will allow you to keep your presence hidden. It means that the other person will never find out that you are checking their apps and activity. You will not have to download the app on their phone which keeps it even more secretive.

Track keylog and location

Most of the keylogging apps available online will only allow you to check the messages and call logs. However, with iKeyMonitor, you will get more than just the call logs. You can check the complete browsing history to know what your kids like to do online. As well as it will give you the access to their location with the GPS tracking system. It means that if you think your kid is going somewhere suspicious, you can easily find out without any kind of hesitations. It will give you the satisfaction that even if your kids are not sharing the information, you know where they are.

24/7 customer support available

With the keylogger for iPhone, you will get the 24/7 support. It means that if you are confused or there are other issues you are dealing with, you can always consult the experts. They will solve your issues quickly to assure that you can keep using the application properly.


iKeyMonitor is available at the most affordable rate. If iKeyMonitor doesn’t work on your iPhone within 30 days of purchase and the technical staff cannot resolve the problem for you, you can get your money back. It means that you are not wasting your money in any situation.

Bottom line

Make sure that you have the iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone software installed in your smartphone. Keep an eye on those who are dear to you. So, you can protect them from taking the wrong step without letting them know. It will allow you to manage everything professionally. Monitor the person you want.

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