What is asp.net core technology?

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Asp.net Core is a free and open-source Web framework used to develop the next generation of asp.net applications. It is designed and powered by Microsoft as well as a community user base. It is a modular framework that has the capability to run on legacy.net framework, which runs on Windows as well as the cross-platform systems. Originally it was called the asp.net next version, and then it was supposed to be called asp.net 5 when released. However, Microsoft altered the name as asp.net core during the first release on 17th May 2016. Later its 2.0 version was released on 14th August 2017. So, if you have any further questions regarding asp.net, then the company https://brights.io/web-development/asp-net-core is here to clear all your doubts.

Is asp.net core a replacement for asp.net?

Now, as we know that asp.net was upgraded to asp.net core, many of you might be stuck with a question: is asp.net core a replacement for asp.net? And the answer to this is no, and to clear your doubt, let us delve deep into the reasoning portion. Despite many comparisons between the two about upgrades and features, we still require asp.net framework applications when working on third party libraries where nougat packages are not available for dot net core apps.

Also, the services of SignalR, WCF, WFF, and WPF still only run on asp.net. And the organization has no further plans to put them on the asp.net core, therefore, marking the uniqueness and independence of asp.net from asp.net core.

Why choose asp.net core?

In case you are wondering why you should go for asp.net core, here are a few points that might reason you.

  • Cloud-based application development: The cloud-based application development is really touching new dizzy heights these days, and getting involved in it along with the blend of asp.net core would do wonders.
  • Microsoft is boosting and upgrading it: Microsoft is moving towards community-based application development rather than their traditional application development, therefore, bringing fast and considerable changes into the asp.net core.

Why is Microsoft promoting asp.net core?

Many of you might be left wondering why Microsoft is promoting and investing so much in asp.net core. The answer to your question is that Microsoft has taken a turn in the direction of platform independence and has been witnessed to incline towards Mac and Linux communities. So, to be very apparent that development does not stick to SQL server development because platform independence is in demand. Hence, to avoid any issues of platform, Microsoft is hosting flexibility in platforms with the help of community development, thereby giving an edge to Microsoft applications so that they can be developed using asp.net core.

Key Features Of asp.net core

  • It gives improved support for cloud development.
  • It provides excellent facilities with Nuget based support.
  • It delivers excellent service and performance.
  • It runs on a modular framework.
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