What is Do Coliving & Luxury Life Have in Common?

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Most people that leave their homes to move into new cities, consider coliving as it is a cheaper option and offers great benefits to the client. However, coliving and luxury life offer many of the same benefits, at a much lower rate. Coliving is a new form of accommodation that caters to the needs of its occupants, helping them get the most of modern-day living. Companies like Outpost club have made it possible to search various types of shared accommodation to suit any budget and they offer various amenities.

Residents have their own bedrooms and bathrooms but share spaces like the kitchen, toilet and living room. The residents of that particular apartment share in the expenses so that each person pays just a portion of the full amount. This takes away the pressure from one person as expenses become a shared liability.

Coliving vs Luxury

There are so many great benefits of leasing a coliving apartment, the main one being that you get to experience much of the same benefits as staying in an expensive place, at a much lower cost. Many people who have been grouped in the same space, will split the bills amongst each other. Co-living apartments can be really fancy and offer luxury amenities like cleaning services, cable TV, free Wi-Fi and even private gardens/pools. They are ideal for people wanting to save money while still enjoying the benefits of living at a high-end accommodation venue.

The Benefits of CoLiving

There is no lease agreement and you don’t have to commit to any minimum stay when you get a coliving space. You get to decide the time you leave and the length of your stay.

  • You only pay for as long as you stay there
  • Unlike renting, you don’t need to pay any security deposit or any advances
  • You don’t pay commissions or fees to estate agencies
  • Amenities are included in the price that you pay
  • You don’t have to commit to water, electricity, cable or Wifi contracts

Like-minded People

Many co-living rental companies like Outpost Club will group people in the same house based on their interests and similarities. This makes it easier for you to socialize and make friends as you are in the same house with people who are very much like you.

Luxurious Living

As mentioned, coliving caters for all income brackets and all needs. You can find high-end spaces that offer the same features that you would get at a fancy hotel, however, you will pay less than a third of the price. These homes are not just affordable and great value for money, but they are also fully stocked up with all the appliances, crockery, cutlery and a fully functional kitchen, which many luxury hotels don’t even have. Consider browsing apartments for rent in seattle wa or anywhere else; the selection available to you on Outpost Club to see which kinds of homes are on offer, as well as how they compare to a regular high-end hotel.

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