Which video animation company should represent your brand?

important Things to Know about Corporate Videography
important Things to Know about Corporate Videography

Reporters are becoming online journalists or bloggers. Blogs are in and newspapers are out. Videos are in and paragraphs are out. A video clip gives information so much faster than words because visuals allow you to grasp, experience and feel what words fail to do. Therefore it is important to choose the best video animation company which represents your brand.

Video clips are a leading platform for businesses, and keeps social lives and websites alive, and creates evidence for a new generation.

Best video animation company to choose?

Corporate Videography
Corporate Videography

Animation agencies are their video portfolio. Bear in mind that their best work will be portrayed on their website, and you can reliably expect only the best work to make it that far, to be put display to their audience. For an extensive search, visit the company’s YouTube or Vimeo channels for the bigger picture of the agency you are investigating.

Marketing in this day and age could be a daunting thought, because of the pressure under which companies find themselves to clearly communicate to their audience. Thus, deciding on a suitable video animation company can be a difficult choice.

Opportunities are endless when it comes to platforms and formats. Be clear about your targets and don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by types of content and assets. Content needs to be engaging, informative and stimulating to capture your audience. When preparing your content, always keep in mind that competition is fierce. Your material needs to be original and unique. An authentic, custom-made video will be worth the investment and make you stand out from everyone else who wants their moment at the same time.

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The essence of a video that works like it should, is smooth, seamless transitions set within well-paced animation and voiceovers. Add to the mix an appealing storyline and appropriate sound effects, and – magic! In opposition, poor quality video clips contain bad graphics, limited movement, loud voiceovers and inauthentic characters. The transitions are also usually unnatural.

It is imperative that the studio of your choice can deliver not only your message but the essence of your company, with authenticity, grace and detail. They must be able to build the look and feel of your product and brand, and showcase your company. A great idea to consider is to approach an animation agency that has experience in your field of expertise. It helps when they have a grip on the slang that is used in your specific field without having to be taught a new language before starting!

Questions you need to ask before deciding on the animation agency:

  1. Do they outsource their projects, or employ their own in-house artists?
  2. When did the agency open its doors? Don’t be scared to do a check of their credentials.
  3. What is their area of expertise?
  4. Name a few clients that benefited from their work.
  5. For what markets did it work?

Do an intensive review of the production company’s experience and past and present work.

Remember: the text is out and animation is in. An animation clip of a mere 1-2 minutes about a service, product or an app, produces up to 70% more sales than a humble text.

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