Why Essay Writing Skills Are Important

Essay Writing Skills
Essay Writing Skills

Have you ever wondered why professors assign you so many writing tasks? Wouldn’t it be easier for students to express themselves in oral form? The logic behind essay writing is quite simple; teachers help you develop your essay writing skills.

Remember that before you graduate, you’ll be required to write and present a dissertation before judges to determine if you’re ready for the job market. So, writing all these essays throughout college prepares you for the biggest assignment you have to complete before finishing school.

And if you enjoy expressing yourself in oral form, you get an opportunity to do so when you’re presenting your dissertation. Note that your oral presentation will only be as good as the paper you’ve written. After all, you cannot present something you’ve not researched, studied and written. That said, don’t let the prospect of writing a dissertation in your final year scare you. You can always rely on professional writers for hire when you get stuck.

Essay Writing Skills Is Important

When you take essay writing seriously, you’re able to develop your writing skills, vocabulary and a unique writing style. As you can already tell, you can’t possibly achieve these skills with oral activity because the mouth only speaks of what the brain already knows. But writing allows you to encounter new information and explore new ideas.

With time, thinking logically and writing creatively will come naturally to you. Ensure you always write in a peaceful environment so that you can polish these writing skills. Even if you’re tackling a difficult essay, a conducive writing environment allows you to think outside the box and find the right approach for your arguments.

So, you see, essay writing is part of the process that prepares you for higher levels of learning. Good essay writing skills will offer you the opportunity to simultaneously catch on to many other vital facets of academic learning. Continue reading to learn why essay writing skills are important.

Essay Writing Skills

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Improve Your Communication Skills


Communication is a skill that will come in handy even after you graduate. Communication includes both oral and non-verbal practices that play an essential role in relaying information. When you master impressive communication skills, you’ll be able to succeed throughout life in academic and non-academic fields.

If you look carefully at how life works, you can tell that life has no essence without communication. So, when you improve your communication skills, you ensure that you can experience life in its full glory. Since writing is deeply ingrained in school curricula, educators understand its role in boosting students’ communication skills.

Through writing, students can use an avenue to learn all the rules of different languages and how to apply them. Because language is the life source of communication, when a student masters a given language, they can better organize their thoughts and ideas. Coherent writing not only gives you more points but it boosts your social experience with the school community.

Punctuation, spelling, grammar, and paralinguistics are all aspects of writing that improve a student’s communication skills. Likewise, you can improve your communication skills when you learn how to use all elements of non-verbal communication the right way.

Sharpen Your Creativity and Imagination Levels

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When was the last time thinking outside the box enabled you to find a quick solution to a problem bugging you? Did you know that all of us are naturally creative, and some students are more creative than others because they flex their creativity muscles often? If you don’t remember the last time you flexed your creativity muscle, this is your cue to get out of your comfort zone.

Your brain is capable of great things, but it cannot achieve greatness if you don’t command it to. So, the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, rather than solving the problem the conventional way, be creative about it and see how that makes you feel.

An excellent way of gradually sharpening your creativity is to write often. The more you let your brain explore new ideas, the deeper you’ll be able to think. Writing changes your whole perspective because you begin to see that life is not always black and white. Writing activates certain areas of your brain that are usually dormant when you are doing other activities. By awakening the seat of creativity, you also boost your imagination.

The part of the brain known as the frontal cortex is responsible for letting you experience life like you’re not used to. The more you activate this part of the brain, the more likely it will dominate and intervene in your normal day to day life. Enhancing the whole of your brain allows you to generate novel ideas when needed. That’s when you’ll start solving real-life problems more proactively and efficiently.

Widen Your Knowledge Base

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Writing automatically widens your knowledge base because every time you’re tasked with an essay assignment, you have to conduct extensive research before you start writing. In addition, interacting with new information ensures that you know more than is taught in class.

Reading is a surefire of learning because when you internalize new information, the brain stores the newly found knowledge for future reference. So one day, you’ll be having a random conversation with friends, and somehow, you’ll have something to contribute because of your proactive reading every now and then.

To be a good writer, you first have to be an avid reader because how else will you access the information you’ll put down on paper. You especially widen your knowledge base when you’re tackling a challenging essay paper that requires extensive research every step of the way. The more you write throughout your college years, the more information your brain stores, and the better your memory gets. You end up with excellent memory retention because necessity breeds invention. The brain makes itself better because it has to be sharp when you have a lot of information to remember.

Wrapping Up

Essay writing plays an essential role in molding independent thinkers who are not afraid to explore non-conventional solutions. The more you write, the more you’ll be prepared for challenges, academic or otherwise. Even if you still don’t have your way with words, trust the process because one day, you’ll be grateful that your professor gave you so many writing assignments.

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