Why Ottomatic’s Scheduled Backup Matters

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Having a good data backup plan is mandatory in the modern business and corporate world. While it has become easy to gather and store a lot of information for strategic planning, there are also many malwares, spywares and viruses being designed to attack systems and compromise data. Computers are bound to fail at any time. Still, the IT department may not always be efficient and effective enough to notice issues and act on time. Going for the perfect data backup option is hence important. Ottomatic offers you all the features that you need in the process including cloud storage, security, searchable history, and unlimited servers. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to have schedule backup. What does this mean? Why does it matter? Well, read on for details.

The Scheduled backup feature allows you to define the time in which to do backups. It matters because:

  • You can verify the information that is being backed up at any time

Ottomatic allows you to set aside time when you ready to pay close attention to details in backing up your data. You will verify when the information is accurate and necessary. Making changes and corrections before any damage occurs is birthed in the process. On the other hand, failure to have a scheduled backup means that an important notification can show up in your system when you are handling other tasks in the office. Ignoring it will cost you a lot of money while acting on it causes delays in operations.

  • You have the well-deserved peace of mind

Knowing that your data will be backed up at specific times of the day or week gives you the peace of mind that you need to work. Worrying that the information is lost or compromised is eliminated. It boosts your performance and productivity levels.

  • You can minimize administration costs

Since you are likely to select times when you are free for backups, you do not need to employ IT experts. With Ottomatik, the backup is an automatic and straightforward process. Whether you have a technical background or not, you can still use the features offered to achieve your goals. It will help you to save on costs and use the resources to enhance your business or company. If anything, the costly human error is avoided.

Points To Consider When Coming Up With a Schedule

To come up with a good backup schedule, you must consider a number of aspects. First, you should determine your work schedule. You can conduct the activity before or after the business hours. Weekends are also worth considering. Second, it is important to consider your state of mind. Do not do backups in a time when you are unable to pay close attention to the notifications offered by Ottomatic. Mistakes will be inevitable in these instances.

Third, you should create a schedule based on your security and safety needs. There are some seasons when you receive a lot of information from clients. Backup your data on a regular basis just to be safe. If you notice irregularities during certain times of the day, schedule the backup for that moment. This way, you can contact the service provider for support and help. It is also wise to make the schedules based on the availability of your IT department specialists. They may help you when you get stuck.

You can schedule your backup:

  • The option is appropriate for a company dealing with highly sensitive information.
  • You can select specific days of the week to do backups. It is a good option for a company that wishes to concentrate on its core business while at the same time protecting important information.
  • In this case, you will backup data only once or a few days in a month. It is a good option for a company that has taken other measures to secure data or that does not receive huge and sensitive information on a regular basis.
  • This option is risky since you only do a backup once. Nonetheless, Ottomatic provides notifications just in case of security issues are noticed in your system.
  • On-demand. Here, you will do backups when you feel that it is necessary as opposed to specific times of the week, month, or day.

All in all, scheduled backup is the way to go for a company that loves flexibility and efficiency in securing data. Go to mysql backup at ottomatik.io for more information.

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