Why Should You Block Ads Using iTop VPN?

Why Should You Block Ads Using iTop VPN

When it comes to using the best free VPN, people often think about streaming VPN or gaming VPN or using a VPN to access the content. What nobody thinks about is that your VPN can be used for blocking ads and there are a lot of benefits for doing so. Here we will be discussing why you should use a VPN to block ads while you use it regularly as your streaming VPN or gaming VPN.

Why Should You Block Ads Using iTop VPN

Benefits of blocking ads using iTop VPN

The following are some of the benefits of blocking ads using a VPN when you use a VPN to access the content.

Blocking ads will enhance your user experience

Have you ever noticed how ads cover the whole content of your screen? Well, the experience gets worse because of this. So, when you use a VPN as the streaming VPN or Gaming VPN you can use it for blocking the ads which will enhance your gaming, streaming, and browsing experience a lot.

Blocking ads means that you are preventing malware infection

While you use a VPN to access the content you can block ads to make your device secure. Most of the ads have viruses and malware at their backend. As soon as you unintentionally click on those ads the viruses and malware get into your device infecting it without even your permission. So, using a VPN for blocking ads will prevent all of this fuss from happening. If you are wondering which VPN you should use, then iTop VPN is your best choice.

Your websites will always load faster

Do you know that when you use iTop VPN to keep private you can enhance the loading speed of web pages? Well, yes, the ads take a lot of your internet to load, and it affects the loading speed of the content on websites. In this way, you have to wait a lot. When you use iTop VPN to block ads the web pages will start opening quicker. All of this is because the ads are not allowed now and the whole of your internet speed is going to be focused on the main content of your websites.

Your internet volume will not be used for useless ads

Have you ever wondered where all of your internet data went? Well, these ads take a lot of data volume which ends up ending your package. So, when you use iTop VPN to keep private, you can block the ads and, in this way, you will be preserving your internet. In this way, you will be enjoying some savings on your data plan. For some more savings and the best VPN experience, you can use iTop VPN.

Battery usage will enhance drastically

Mobile devices these days come with Amoled screens where the individual pixels are turned off to save battery. With ads, your battery will be used to keep the screen on. However, when you use iTop VPN to keep private and blocking ads your battery will be saved.

Why Should You Block Ads Using iTop VPN


When you use iTop VPN for any of your needs you can get a lot of benefits. Blocking ads is one of the major benefits that you can enjoy. Make sure that you choose iTop VPN so that your experience is not ruined in one way or another.

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