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Why torrent websites are banned?

“Hey, can you download this file?”
“No man, torrent is blocked in our region.”

You probably had this conversation with your friend, and trust me, as an equally fervent internet user I have had that too. You see, the internet is a vast field where all the equipment is available for your feasibility, you just have to know where, and how to find it. Like torrent for an instant, you can’t ignore the fact that torrent website like The Pirate Bay, 1337x, IsoHunt is popular among users, and also, in few regions they are not accessible – Like India. So, in this article, we’ll see how to access some torrent websites even when they are not available in your region.

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Why torrent websites are banned?

The preliminary reason for putting a ban on the torrent website is pirated content. There is no doubt that torrent websites are full with those content. In India specifically, it is banned for piracy of video and movies, mostly movies. So, when you try to access URL of the pirate bay or any other torrent websites, it shows that the URL is blocked in your country.

Most of the mirror websites are also blocked, and at this time a lot of users tend to believe that there is no way they could access the website. You might also see an Error 520 message from Cloudflare, which is nothing but a brief shut-down of the server of the website, but in some region, it works fine. So, how exactly can you avoid that, and use the internet as it is? Answer- Proxy.

Proxy links can help you out to open blocked website, so when The Pirate Bay is down, use this proxy list to unblock the torrent site.

Unblocking the Pirate Bay

Okay, there are several ways to unlock a torrent website like The Pirate Bay, for example – VPN and Proxy site or Tor. The simplest method of unblocking any website is the proxy domain, and they’re really good with their job. So, here are some of the topmost proxy domain.

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  1. Official TPB mirror

The official TPB mirror is not hard to find, they contain the closest working domain names of the original thepiratebay.org website, just be sure all the domain is on https protocol. There is another domain such as thepiratebay.se and that mostly works fine, but if it didn’t, then you got to have other option. Click here for the more TPB-mirror proxy.

  1. TPB pirate proxy

The pirate project is yet another domain name for the official TPB.org. The domain name works on the same principal and it doesn’t even need any sort of VPN or tor browser to access it. Just open the link and you’re good to go.

  1. The pirate bay’s Onion domain

The onion domains can only be accessed via a Tor browser, so before you even proceed to open it, please install the Tor browser. The .onion sites are mostly famous for their anonymity since they don’t keep a record of the visitor history. Also, to get access to the actual domain of the onion link you have to make a search request on duckduckgo.

  1. Proxy of TBP

Proxyof is another website, where you can get the proxy domain of various another torrent like websites such as IsoHunt or 1337x. They mostly have a limited number of the proxy server running but all them works fine, as they are usually updated.

  1. The Proxybay

The proxybay is yet another platform where you can get a proxy domain of TBP. The website maintains a list of active proxy sites, apart from that the website also provides information related to the server such as speed, country, and status, which is really helpful.

  1. Anonymiz

Anonymiz is just like the proxybay, where you can get TPB proxy domain. Their proxy websites are hosted in the countries where TPB is not blocked, that’s why their proxy domain always works.


Okay, as we are aware that most of the country has blocked Torrent websites for piracy reason, but one also need to acknowledge, Net neutrality and internet accessibility. And yes, there are some cons, but that doesn’t mean that the torrent is meant for piracy of copyrighted content, however, in a good light, torrent is an exemplary tool of data sharing. Some people might argue torrenting is illegal, well that’s another discussion, so for that check out our in-depth look on torrenting. As for proxy of torrent websites are concerned, they all work great, websites traffic and server response are as fast as the original one. You might find some content, which is not up-to-date with the original website but that’s okay. The borderline is, torrent is a fun and a very advantageous tool if one deems to be using it in that way.

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