Keys Things to Know About Wifi for Buses and Coaches

Wifi for buses
Wifi for buses

Buying buses and coaches for passenger services is a big investment that deserves proper management. Due to the current competition, providing passengers with extra services like Wifi for Buses while onboard will give the business an edge. It does not come as a surprise that Wi-Fi is no longer optional in buses and coaches but is almost a necessity since passengers need to be connected for business, communication, and social connectivity.

That said and done, fleet companies that operate buses and coaches should not debate on having Wi-Fi onboard. Passengers will always ask about this before they book a seat, especially when traveling for many hours. So, let us dive deep into this system for fleet companies.

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Why Need Wifi for Buses

Wifi  for Buses
Wifi for Buses

As mentioned, passengers need internet connectivity while traveling for many reasons. For instance, a businessperson will need to use their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to access business platforms, transact online, or check emails. While they can do so using their data, they will feel more cared for if the bus can provide reliable free internet connectivity.

Likewise, other passengers, especially kids and teenagers, need to be entertained throughout the journey. As such, free reliable internet-connected entertainment systems allow them to stream movies and music and play online games. Most if not all passengers will enjoy visiting social media platforms on their phones or through the provided headrest tablets.

Lastly, the bus crew requires the internet to stay connected to the office, make reports, and most importantly, keep the GPS, surveillance devices, and other solutions that you can find when you visit Eyeride website connected.

Installing Wi-Fi Systems in Buses

It is always prudent to consider high-quality and reliable internet connectivity for your buses and coaches. Research to find the best providers of reliable unlimited mobile 4G internet in your area. 3G is no longer fast enough to handle high-quality streaming, fast video streaming communications, or even the many users onboard.

Usually, the providers will send their experts to install internet access devices, do the cabling, and place the routers. They will advise on the number of routers and access points needed to avoid an overwhelmed system or increase the safety of users. High-performance systems that allow numerous users are the best to consider.

Before allowing an internet provider to serve you, ensure that they have smooth connectivity throughout the routes covered by the buses to avoid any inconveniences to the users.

Powering Your Wi-Fi Devices

Most fleet companies forget the importance of powering the Wi-Fi devices onboard. An incorrect power connection shuts off the Wi-Fi when the bus engine is switched off, but this should not be the case. The internet system should remain on even if the bus stops. Only the driver should have the off button just in case there is a need to reboot the system.


If you have not installed a Wi-Fi system in your bus or coach fleet, you are missing out on a lot. Apart from dissatisfied passengers, you probably do not utilize internet GPS, smart cameras, or online reporting systems. You need to move with haste and consider 4G mobile internet connectivity.

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