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There is immense data in our smartphone these days. The more we adopt the technology the more files, images, videos, and music we have. Take iPhone users, for example, they can’t send any data to their computer without installing the iTunes app. iTunes purchased movie video and music are marked as M4V and M4P with the tag of DRM movie, DRM music, so that it could not be played in any other conventional smartphone. These barriers are seeming to be hindering the openness of the smartphone technology. What good a Smartphone is when you can’t use it like you want to?

Well, don’t worry because we might have found some solution for that. WinX MediaTrans is a cross-platform file sharing app, that lets you send any file from your iPhone to your PC. It even converts iTunes M4V to MP4 for playing on other devices, like Samsung Android, Xiaomi, HueWei mobiles. It also removes the DRM tag, free iTunes DRM, giving you the power to share that particular data to anyone, even to the user who are not using an iPhone.

How to make iTunes M4V video playable in any other devices?  

Step 1: Free download WinX MediaTrans and install this iTunes alternative for Windows premium or the trial version into your PC.

(Note, even the trial version enables you to convert iTunes M4V video to MP4. Every day, you can convert 10 DRM M4V videos and 30 DRM M4P music from iPhone to PC.)

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC via USB cable.

Step 3: Click on the Music Manager section in the WinX MediaTrans interface. There you’ll be able to see all your movie videos as well as your DRM M4V video.

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Step 4: When removing the DRM tag in these purchased movies/tv, WinX MediaTrans will pop up a window to remind you decode the file. Just click the green Decode button and then sync and click Export. And that’s it you’re good.

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Note: You can also import any other videos from your PC into iPhone. Don’t worry about the video format. Use Add Video option and choose the video you want to import, WinX MediaTrans can automatically convert the video format into MP4 so that you can play them on iPhone.


WinX MediaTrans packs a lot of features and they all are startling and these are some the best feature that we found out fascinating.

Photo backup: The app lets you sync your images quickly. You can download or even import your photo into your iPhone in just one click. It claims to transfer 4k resolutions photographs in seconds.

Music Manager: The music manager gives you a chunk of music sharing options, from local storage to sync your music library to the PC. It works like a charm, you can create and modify your playlist, also edit meta tags, such as album name and artist name. The Music manager also lets you create ringtone and transfer voice memos. Here are the tips on how to Sync music from PC to iPhone without iTunes.

Video Transfer: The Video transfer is way better than the conventional video transfer method. It not just syncs your media files but also gives you options to convert it and compress it without losing details. It supports formats such as MKV and Mp4.

Flash Drive: The flash drive enables you to use your iPhone as a pen drive, transfer all your data, doc files and pdfs. The flash drive mode will give you feasibility to transfer everything. With this, you won’t have to carry a pen drive around.

Remove DRM: The most remarkable feature so far is the DRM removable tool. DRM stands for Digital rights management, that is actually provided to files like epub, FLAC, M4V, M4P and other premium media formats. DRM lets you lock the file to a specific software, so it can’t be used openly. The preliminary job of the tool is to Remove that signature so that the file could be used willingly. With its unique feature the app standalone everything.


So far, I like the application. It has a friendly user interface and a very subtle UI, which makes it more convenient in use. WinX MediaTrans also offers premium features such as flash drive mode and DRM removable tools, which is indeed a windfall. You get the compatibility to not just download the file but use it as you want it. I know, you can transfer your files from iCloud but the 5 GB of storage limit is like the apple of Eden, you are safeguarding it for better use.  So, forget everything and connect your iPhone to your PC and starting synchronising; just like that.

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