Xiaomi Mi AirDots – Best BUDGET Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds?

Xiaomi Mi AirDots

A whole new fashion of earphones is emerging nowadays with wireless earbuds that have absolutely no wires attached to them. Xiaomi has also launched its latest wireless earbuds Mi AirDots, they are much cheaper than Apple Airpods. Xiaomi Mi AirDots comes with wireless split body design, Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, built-in touch panel, and a charging case.

This Xiaomi Mi AirDots looks elegant and simple with a sleek and compact design that eliminates the cumbersome elements. The device is lightweight with 4.2 gram and can comfortably fit into ears. The built-in touch panel of the earphone lets you perform gestures like calling the AI assistant, stopping the currently playing song, changing the song, and even answering or rejecting the call. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots comes with a 7.2 mm strong dynamic speaker that provides a decent quality of sound and are designed to get deeper bass and the most audiophile experience possible.

Xiaomi Mi AirDotsIn terms of connectivity, they connect to the smartphone, tablet or music player via Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth 5.0 Technology provides fast and automatic connection, smart noise reduction, low consumption, and universal compatibility. Xiaomi Mi AirDots adopt advanced chip to stereo sound that may often be used to make important answer calls or in online gaming.

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The earbuds come in a small and sleek white case that serves as a power bank and also convenient to carry the device in the pocket. The charging box is made of two colour injection moulding technology, with a translucent matte material. The battery capacity in the case is 300 mAh while the headphone has built-in batteries with 40 mAh capacity. The device can give 4 hours binaural continuous music, 5 hours monaural continuous music or can last up to 12 hours in standby mode.

Xiaomi Mi AirDotsAfter being taken out of the case, the device can be automatically turned on, connecting with the device that has been previously synchronized, and after being placed inside the case it will disconnect and turn off automatically. You can buy this Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth earphones wireless in-ear earbuds at an affordable price of $74.46 on www.gearbest.com. It is available in white colour.


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  1. The only reason im afraid to use them is what if i lose them ? You can’t even find such tiny thing. On the other hand, These are indeed one of the best AirDots we can find.

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