Xiaomi Mi Mix Review : Best Bezel Less Smartphone 2017 ?

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review : Best Bezel Less Smartphone 2017 ? 1

We have seen so many devices in the market. Every now and then we see one or another mobile phone in the market. But does they really working on some kind of innovation in there product or just upgrading the system by providing better specs in bigger prices. What about the future, what about the new innovation, what about something new which will just change the world and how we actually think.

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A few months back Xiaomi a well known Chinese brand came up with there latest device which just change the industry in every expect. Xiaomi launched MI MIX with some really high end specs and some insanely big bezel less display. This is not enough they have also removed the earpiece and proximity sensor from the phone and still these function works.

Now the question arises how, what technology they have used in there latest device and why other brands are not bring it in there so called flagship costly devices. So, lets discuss more about Xiaomi MI MIX and see how i actually works with this crazy new innovative future technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Specs

Model Xiaomi MI MIX
Display 6.4-Inch, FHD
Processor Snapdragon 821
RAM 4 / 6 GB
Internal Storage 128 / 256 GB
Software Android Marshmallow 7.1 | MIUI 8.2.2
Primary Camera 16MP Lens
Secondary Camera 5MP selfie camera
Weight 210 Grams
Battery 4400mAh
Others 4G LTE with VoLTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB OTG
Price  525$

Box Content


  1. Xiaomi Mi MIX
  2. Manual
  3. Sim Ejector Pin
  4. USB Type- C Cable
  5. Charging Brick (Fast Charger Quick Charge 3.0)
  6. Leather Case

Rest nothing within the box.

Xiaomi MI MIX Design & Built

As Xiaomi always comes with something unique but this time they have braked up all the barriers as this time they are giving proper bezel less design with ceramic hard body, gold plated rings, top notch specs and affordability. is there anything which is left out, i don’t think so. They have also used very innovative future technology which i will be explaining later in this article.

Actually built of the device is very premium and luxuries, still it is very delicate and slippery due to material they have used is glossy. Definite use of case is required else you are going to break the device in single day. I would say the built of the device and feels is top notch and you won’t get even a single complaint about it that too in this affordable pricing. Everyone is going to ask which device this and how your get receiving your calls.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-screenAt the front at the top, there is nothing just a large 6.4-inch FHD panel with added ultra sonic sensors fit in it, which actually work as a earpiece as well as a proximity sensor. Below the large beautiful display we get a on screen back keys which are also very elegant and beautiful.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-front-cameraNow the change which we need to phase is that in MI MIX we are getting the 5-megapixel shooter at lower portion and not at the top portion which need to be comprised by the user as they are getting such great display beside it. Beside it we get a multi color LED notification light.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-charging-portComing to the down portion of the phone, it houses the USB Type-C port which do support fast charging beside it a dual speaker out of which left one having the primary MIC and right one is having an actual speaker in it. Type-C port also support OTG and it can almost play anything which you can think to use via USB port.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-volume-buttonsTurning around to the right you will get a power button which is made up of metal and give quite good haptic feedback. Beside power button, we get volume rockers and nothing much over here. Every single thing is made up of metal and ceramic, so you won’t be getting any single complaint regarding it.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-sim-trayTurning the phone to the left, we only get a SIM tray slot which supports dual nano SIM’s and no support of MicroSD card as we are already getting enough memory in the device which is 256 GB and 128 GB depends which version you buy.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-headphone-jackComing to the top side of the phone here we are not getting IR blaster this time where as this time we are getting dual noise cancellation MIC and a 3.5 mm audio jack between them.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-glass-backAt the back side of the phone we are again getting a game changer which is a 16-megapixel camera, beside it dual tone LED flash and below that we get a Fingerprint sensor which is really fast same like what we get in MI6 and Oneplus 5. The game changer is its 18k gold rings which makes this device more premium and luxury. The whole device body is made up of ceramic and metal. Built is top notch in this one with great hardware.


Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-top-screen-edgeXiaomi the has done something insane and mind blowing this time. They came up with a awesome device MI MIX with a bezel less design. They have also added really innovative technology under the hood of there bezel less display. One more thing, Xiaomi MI MIX is the world’s first device with Bezel less display with added ultra sonic sensor used for hearing the calls.

Xiaomi MI MIX come up with a huge 6.4-Inch Bezel Less Display, which gives you the resolution of 1080 x 2040 with the pixel density of 362 ppi. Overall i love the display.

There is a hidden ultra sonic sensor beside the display which work as a earpiece. Just place your ear any where on the phone while on call, the whole frame of the phone will vibrate and make you talk with other person. Really very innovative.

The screen visibility in different lighting situation is also good and even in bright sunlight you can easily use it with great auto brightness feature. Overall no complaints with the display, everything works fine and with this screen size I would say FHD is more than enough and it also won’t require more battery life with that large battery. We also get a 2.5D curved glass on top of display which makes it more smooth while using.

I only thing which i noticed is that, it seems to be little bit delicate device even after having the ceramic model it feels very slippery and in any case you drop the device it will surely going to break down in pieces.

Overall, till now the best bezel less phone with top notch specification available in the market.


Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-user-interfaceAs we all know whenever Xiaomi comes up with something new it is always great. So as this time, Xiaomi MI MIX delivers all what we can expect and need. Under the Ceramic and metal body construction of MI MIX is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor supporting with an Adreno 530 GPU & 128/256 GB in-built. Coming to the performance part it is one of the smoothest phones till now and it is more polished because of their MIUI 8 and soon will be update in MIUI 9, which is one of my personal favorite ROM. You can also update MIUI 9 manually if you want it right now, but it won’t be the stable version.

I have tested the MI MIX 6 GB and 256 GB version and accordingly i got different benchmark score which i have attached here.

From every aspect media, browsing and all multitasking, the MI MIX works flawlessly with no question in mind. Each and every game, whether it is a high end game or a low end game it work perfectly to me. No heating complains as of now.


xiaomi-mi-mix-reviewComing one of the most important feature of the phone which is its battery. Xiaomi MI MIX comes with large 4400 mAh Battery, which works whole day very easily with this large bezel less display. For me it easily last me more than 1 whole days rest it depends on your usage. For normal users it will last more than 2 days for sure. This can be possible because of new snapdragon battery efficient processor plus well optimized MIUI 8.

The device houses with a USB Type-C port and also support Quick Charge 3.0 which make the device charge extremely fast. It takes about 2 hours 15 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. Rest, it depends on your usage and work how to get better battery out of it.

We also get different battery modes which you can switch as per your usage and comfort. Each mode has its own specifications an features according to which we can select the mode for proper battery optimization.


Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-rear-cameraWhen we see MI MIX for camera it comes with 12-megapixel back camera which is support with Dual Tone LED flash. The best thing is that we can also record 4K videos using the phone. Overall the quality of camera is bit average not very good not very bad, it is decent. In day it take some really good shots where as in night it struggles a lot just like Redmi note 4 and other xiaomi Devices. Till now MI 6 is the only phone from xiaomi that take really really great shots.

At the front we get 5-megapixel camera which captures decent shots. But as the front facing camera is fitted up at down side below the display you need to rotate the phone to take selfie shots. This seems to be problem for some of the users but as this device main focus is on display them you can neglect this issue.

Camera Sample


Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-miui-softwareXiaomi MI MIX out of the box is loaded with MIUI 8 which is soon going to be updated to MIUI 9, with split screen feature. After the first boot i got the update for 1.5GB which make that MIUI 8 convert to Xiaomi MIUI 8.2.2. It is loaded with some really awesome features, and the best among them I like is the Dual app mode and Dual System using which you can live you personally and office life in two parallel ways.

Rest I have already made a separate video on it, which explains all the features which are there in the Software. So do check it out:


Overall i just loved the device, not even a single day was left behind when some one has not asked me what device is this from where you are listening the calls. Can you please let me use your device for a second. These all question were there all the time when ever i travel in Metro.

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  • Awesome Display
  • Proper Bezel Less design
  • Built (Top Notch)
  • Innovative technology used in earpiece


  • Slippery (Need cover)
  • Price at bit higher side ( still worth)
  • Need to Import
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