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Hey guys back with another article about the Xiaomi new accessory which is being launched recently in China, US and Europe and soon may be in India according to the Rumors. The new Gadget which is released by them are Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with really very good sound output.

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Speaker - Techniblogic
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You must be thinking what is different from other Bluetooth speakers which are there in the market So here is the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker review.

The main difference between them is: 

The name of Xiaomi with the Quality they offer with the price at which they are offering there Mini Bluetooth speaker.

You can buy this Mini Bluetooth speaker by Xiaomi from Gearbest.com. The link is given below.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

From anywhere in the world whether it is being released in your country or not you can order it from this website which ships it totally free to you.

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The speaker will be shipped you in a simple cardboard box with Mi branding on it, which is usual for Xiaomi products. The main reason why they provide such kind of packing, because there it’s environmentally friendly and there is really no point in overdoing packaging with this sort of product which is so budget friendly.

The only downside is that the instructions are in Chinese, which doesn’t matter as this is a Bluetooth speaker, so who really cares about instructions!

You’ll also get a micro USB cable within the package. However, when it comes to the device itself, Xiaomi here used the aluminum body which is beautifully crafted and CNC is used to cut out the necessary holes and slots. The overall finish is just excellent for such a low cost device.

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The transparent ring at the lower middle of the device glows red when the device is charging and blue when it’s syncing. During playback, it flashes every few seconds, but the LED is not too strong, so it will not create much of distraction. However, when you disconnect the device the LED stripe flashes in red and blue which is a notification that the speaker isn’t paired to a device.

The battery which it comes with is 2000mAh, but it is no longer user-replaceable like on first-gen Xiaomi speakers.

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The Xiaomi Wireless Speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0 in the 2402-2480MHz band, A2DP, AVRCP and HFP. It’s charged via a standard micro-USB plug.

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Xiaomi obviously aimed for cutting edge tech, so there’s no legacy 3.5mm input, and unlike many portable speakers it has no memory card slot or FM radio tuner, so there’s no additional functionality.

Audio quality

When we come to the audio quality of the device even at full blast, the sound is pretty clean, which is not the case on cheap Bluetooth speakers. The excellent build quality ensures that there are no vibrations, or distortion even at maximum volume. Since it weighs 196g and rests on soft rubber buttons, the device easily handles the volume of the device.

 Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Speaker Audio Quality Techniblogic
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As far as battery life is concerned, the official spec states you can get up to 13 hours in voice calls, while music at max volume will usually bleed the battery dry in less than 10 hours. Still, this is not bad for such a compact device, and in fact it’s better than most Bluetooth devices this size.


When we come to the conclusion we all know all Xiaomi accessories are good and as it is the second-generation Bluetooth speaker, we know all the consumers should definitely check them out buy going to Gearbest.com for 23$.

Xiaomi’s mini Bluetooth speaker offers good audio quality, battery life and value. Drawbacks include the lack of a proper manual in English.

Even though Xiaomi is not marketing its accessories in all markets, but you can pick up the Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker from Chinese resellers like Gearbest for $23.45. This is a bit more than your usual portable speaker.

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