Yoky tag make yo Track any of your Thing

Yoky Tag Review - techniblogic

Have you ever forgot your phone somewhere in the shop? Or couldn’t able to find your keys? Then this magical device can help you track your things? Gida’s new gadget, which is Yoky Tag, can do that for you.

Yoky Tag Review - techniblogic

Now, Never lose your things

It is a small wireless tag that can be attached with your valuables keys, wallet or anything that you like to track them with your smartphone. Now by using the Yoky tag, you can track them, and even you can find your phone by shaking the tag thrice. It will even alerts you before you lose your phone or things by giving a beeping sound very loudly if you are about to leave your phone behind, and vice versa will be there if you leave behind the item which is tagged with Yoky.

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How it works

The Yoky Tag works by making a wireless link with the smartphone, using Bluetooth connection. When the Bluetooth is active, you can find the phone or tag and whenever the link breaks, the phone and the tag will raise an alert. While the Yoky Tag requires Bluetooth to be turned on all the time, you need not to worry about negative impact on the phone’s battery, because Bluetooth 4.0+ is extremely power efficient. Yoky doesn’t need to be charged as it comes with a replaceable battery and  can lasts for a year.

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In built Fitness tracker

This Tag also works as a fitness tracker and measures your steps and estimated distance and calories burned. It doesn’t need to be connected to the phone to measure steps, or require repeated charging, and also offers a simple interface designed for the casual users. But the main point which arises over here is that how accurate it is? as we have not tested it yet.

Yoky Tag as a fitness tracker - techniblogic

Unique Tag everytime

Yoky Tag is a customized Tag which will have own photos or designs using a simple tool on www.yoky.io/#store. The store also offers more than 100 designs for people to choose express their own style.

Yoky tag is unique and customized - techniblogic


The device has a maximum range of 150 feet, and works on smartphones with Bluetooth 4+ and iOS 8+ or Android 4.3+. It has a built-in 32-bit ARM cortex SoC, a 500mAh replaceable battery that lasts for at least 12 months, and 3-axis high precision accelerometer. The Yoky Tag app is available for free, and can connect up to 8 tags at any time.

The Yoky Tag retails at Rs. 999 including taxes and shipping, and is currently available on www.yoky.io


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