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Over the past few years, smartphone have changed a lot in our life. Earlier there are different gadgets for different purpose like for calls you have phones, for texting you have pagers and so on. But now there is so much innovation in gadgets, that you can find all the thing in your single hand. These days phones are having all the thing in it and still getting lot better as time passes. You got Camera, Music player, Internet, Games all your thing in one place. Now coming to the most changes expect in mobile phone world i.e. Photography which is now one of the key function of a smartphone. These days phones are competing with Camera’s and often replacing them. Now, people love to travel with a phone instead of carrying that large lens with huge camera body. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that smartphones are actually replacing cameras by becoming the preferred device for photography. In fact, these days you can find out professional photographers using smartphone for having good quality camera.

Camera Hardware and Software

As we all know for best photography hardware as well as software of the device need to work together. It is nearly impossible to expect a phone with low quality camera to click some great images. In a same way, an advance software for a phone camera is required to enhance the quality of images. Such combination can make your images came out really very great.


ZenFone 3 packs up with a 16MP rear camera with Sony IMX298 latest sensor with six-element Largan lens which is having a large aperture f/2.0. The camera is also added with extra protection by sapphire glass so that, the bump on the back wont effect your camera lens. ZenFone 3 is equipped with there PixelMaster 3.0 thats give another edge to its camera. This phone is the only phone that offers exclusive Tri auto-focus technology which is the combination of – laser, phase detection and continuous contrast-detection auto-focus which achieve clear focus in 0.03 seconds.

The phone also capable for recording 4K video that results in crisp, high resolution videos. You need to wait for few days because i am working on its video camera Review.

The software part of the camera creates the perfect balance for natural-looking colors.

Image Stabilization


Shooting your moments in blurry image is so like pathetic. So this is where optical image stabilization (OIS) plays its key role. It ensures that your movement or shaky hand wont be effecting your video as well as images. It will capture your precious moment as in its original sharpness only. And by using electronic image stabilization (EIS) you can capture all the moments like in parties and wedding without worrying about your shaking or jerking movements.

The EIS will work on ZenFone 3 with maximum resolution of 4K (3840 ×2160).

Camera Modes

A good camera  means various photography mode which suits the requirements and styles of the user.

Some of the modes offered by ZenFone 3 are:


HDR Pro and Real Time HDR – In HDR Pro mode, where camera analyses the images and improves the contrast levels by lowering the brightness in overexposed sections, and increasing the brightness by up to 400% in underexposed parts, providing more details in the picture. However, the new ZenFone 3 displays HDR photos in real time when framing the shot which increases the accuracy of photo.


Super Resolution Mode – ZenFone 3 Super Resolution Mode allows the user to create a super-high resolution, 64MP photos with its basic camera by using software tweaks and tri focus. It create a single image with 4X more clarity with some greater detail and less noise.


Low Light Mode – ZenFone 3 Low Light Mode combination with OIS and help reproduce images that are clearer and sharper compare to the shot taken from other smartphones.


Professional manual controls – Every professional smartphone photographer always need a manual controls and finally this device offers it. ZenFone 3 manual controls allows the user to input custom settings for white balance, Exposure Value (EV), ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and focus, for better images with great quality.

32 second slow shutter mode – ZenFone 3 allows photos to be shot with and exposure time of up to 32 seconds which you wont find by default in any other device. This allows the photographers to shoot some incredible low light photos.

Filters – ZenFone 3 camera offers multiple special effect filters, and other features like a miniature mode that makes subjects appear like mini toy figures, automated unwanted element removal, an automated beautification mode for human portraits as well as an automated time-lapse mode.


Panorama Mode – This allows the you to take beautiful landscape shots by simply panning the camera from one side of the landscape to another. The camera captures individual frames and stitch them together to form one panoramic photo.


Depth of Field Mode – This mode increases the focus on the main object by blurring the background with great bokeh effect.


Time Rewind Mode – This mode is used to shoot fast moving subjects like children or pets. The camera shoots a rapid burst of frames in sequence for up to two seconds, allowing the users to select the frame that they would want to save.


Gif Animation Mode – ZenFone 3 also allows the users to create fun gifs. Users only need to click an image and the camera compiles the photo sequence as an animated gif image.


More Image Sample and Video Clips will be added soon with a Video on our channel. So stay connected for that.

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