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Though Mac is packed with various compression tools, not all users understand how they work. That is to say, the work with zips is better on Windows than on Mac. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that there is no solution to this problem. In current times, there are an awful lot of high-quality and multi-feature apps that can step up your activities for creating the archived files on Mac. One of them is BetterZip, developed by MacItBetter.

BetterZip is a well-known archiving utility, which provides Mac users with an opportunity to work with different file compression formats (DMG, TXZ, ZIP, DMG, 7-zip files and others. These are the most popular file formats that are used by OS X.

Why should you choose BetterZip?

There are several reasons why every Mac user should start using this software. They are as follows:

• Using BetterZip Mac, you can add zips that were split across different files.

• The app can open more than 30 archive formats.

• You can easily peer inside DMG files.

• The capability to create presets.

• Users can preview files within the archive (there is no need to extract them in order to check what is inside).

• The support of AES-256 encryption.

The app has lots of benefits and can speed up your work with stored documents.

How to Install Better Zip? 

The installation procedure of this program is straightforward. You just need to download the app from the official website and add it to your Application folder.

You may face difficulties with the installation only if you need the support of RAR. BetterZipdoesn’t support it. For that reason, if RAR support is of prime importance for you, then you need to download a RAR tool. Otherwise stated, you have to pay $29 for the additional feature and you’ll be provided with the opportunity to work with RAR formats.

Work Features of BetterZip 

Having installed the app, you have a fair opportunity to appreciate its functionality. Experts consider this software to be the most worthy tool for Mac users. The biggest benefit is that the software doesn’t automatically extract all files that are stored within it. Users should open the doc and see what is kept there. This is called a QuickLook feature. Its primary goal is to provide users with the opportunity to see what is stored inside the file. The app also has the feature, allowing users to choose what they want to extract and what docs can remain unchanged.

The procedure of creating new zips is also simple – just choose the docs that have to be archived and drag them to a big central window of the app. As soon as you make your choice, you should click the Save button and you’ll see several save features. Just choose the one you need and save the doc. If you wish to speed up this process, you can make several presets that are used for either opening or extracting files.

The interface of the application is very convenient. It comprises a sidebar, which allows users to keep their favorite archives on it (but it is impossible to create new archives on the sidebar).

BetterZip is one of the most widely used archiving tools, used by Mac users. If you deal with archives on an ongoing basis and consider the built-in archiving apps developed by Apple to be awkward, BetterZip will help you forget about all difficulties related to this functionality.

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