Zoomcar unveils AI-powered, model-agnostic Driver Score Tech Stack


India’s leading self-drive mobility platform, Zoomcar, launched India’s first vehicle model agnostic Driver score Tech Stack for the passenger car segment. The mechanical specifications of the car being driven, the driving style of the customers, and identification of critical events of driving are traced by the AI-Powered algorithms with machine learning capabilities, and these algorithms then rates the data collected on a scale of 0-100.

How does the rating or scoring system helps?

The system helps the drivers by providing them the real-time feedback to adjust their behavior accordingly to avoid rash driving.

Any changes after the launch?

Within the first month of its launch, the driver score has helped in the successful reduction of accident rates by 20% and maintenance and servicing cost by 25% for Zoomcar.

Why is Driver score product different from other existing solution?

The existing solutions in India are not designed for Indian conditions and passenger car segments. But, driver scores are being used by insurance companies, police departments, and other regulatory authorities for some time now. Not only this much, zoom car is data-rich when it comes to collect data regarding Indian road conditions and driver behavior.

The brand aims at productizing the Zoomcar as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering shortly and sell it as a tech-enabled insurance product to existing insurers and car dealers, directly earning about 20% of its revenue from this by early next year. This high margin offering compliments Zoomcar’s EBITDA positive balance sheet.

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