10 Best Firefox Add-ons to Ensure Privacy

Firefox is indeed a very useful browser; the browser doesn’t just pack some useful feature. It is the hub of all the customization. There are not just fancy audio converter or translator, but some of the add-ons are so much useful that if you combine all the add-ons, it becomes the most powerful browser ever.

The list of add-ons on Firefox is way too much and we can’t tell you install all of them. So, we have picked some of favorite add-ons; just for you.

Here are 10 Best Firefox Add-ons to Ensure Privacy

1Hoxx VPN Proxy 2.2.2

This Add-on allows you to access blocked websites within seconds also keeps your identity secure. Hoxx VPN can also be used to keep your information safe from hackers at a public Wi-Fi location. You only need a Hoxx account and its plugin and you will be able to avail all these features for free. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

2uBlock Origin 1.13.10

It is one of the best ad-blocker present around which takes lower memory/CPU footprint and also reads/creates filters from host files. It uses thousands of filters which include – EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list, EasyPrivacy, Malware domains, MVPS HOSTS and many more. This add-on has a very low memory footprint in comparison to other blockers out there even after various filters have been enabled. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.


This Add-on is great for providing a better and secure browsing while using the internet. It helps you speed up your web by decreasing the trackers and clears out the page clutter. Including the largest tracker database, Ghostery contains over 2200 trackers and 4500 scripts and also provides you the feature of individual tracker control. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

4Pop-up Controller 0.9.1-signed

Annoyed by the unnecessary pop-ups? This add-on created by TimDaws will help you out with this problem by making the pop-ups open in a new tab (which is the default mode on installation) or it can block all the pop-ups. These are the two modes of operation which it performs and can be used with the help of Green and Red icon. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

5Tile Tabs 14.12

Created by DW-dev, Tile Tabs is an add-on which supports the tile layout allowing various tabs or links to be arranged in any manner; be it horizontal or vertical or in the form of a grid. Each separate tile contains a website or a link which works normally including all the features like menu commands, URL & search bar etc. These tiles allow themselves to be resized and can also be used for multiple tab groups. The tiling process is done using the Menu commands, Keyboard shortcuts or Drag-and-drop. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

6YouTube Download & Adblocker Smarttube 2.0.8

It allows the users to download free videos of MP4, WebM, FLV and 3GP formats. Not only videos but also audios of MP3, WebM and M4A formats can be downloaded for free. This add-on features an AdBlocker and one can download and convert the video at the same time thus allowing you to choose your desired video format while downloading it. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

7Bluhell Firewall 2.6.4

This add-on is created by Diego Casorran and it works as a light weight (30 KB) Ad-Blocker. It is very simple and easy to use for removing and blocking the nasty web resources as well as it doesn’t contain various other options which aren’t generally used. Overall it provides a fast browsing experience as it eliminates such resources by the use of its seven hard-coded blocking rules which cover around 8400 .com/.net domains. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

8URL Fixer 4.1.2

It’s used basically to fix or correct your typos in URLs which you enter in the address bar. Before correcting your typing error, it asks for your confirmation showing if you want the typo to be changed or not. Various misspellings of .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov and all other common TLDs can be corrected via this add-on. It also includes the feature of auto correction which is enabled when you set it to auto correct by right clicking the address bar. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

9PriceBlink – Price Comp & Coupons 6.2

Featured in USA Today and the winner of About.com 2012 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Browser Add-on, PriceBlink is used for price comparison of various products and tells you if the desired product is available at lower costs from another retailer. It also displays the shipping costs along with the price comparison data. Alerts for various money-saving coupons and free shipping codes can also be availed by this Add-on. It currently works for US and UK retailers only. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.

10Grammarly for Firefox

This add-on is well known for helping improve your writing skills by checking your grammar and correcting the mistakes or errors found. Being trusted by students, writers, bloggers and various other million users it provides you with a mistake free document as an end product after correction. It uses a contextual spelling checker for the correction of commonly misspelled words and a grammar checker for the improvement of complicated grammar, if any. You can Download this Firefox Addon from HERE.


My personal favorite is Hoxx VPN and Ghostery; it gives you control over your browsing and also keep you anonymous as possible. The uBlock origin, BlueHell firewall are generally used for ad-blocking, so if you want to block ads then these are the best one for you. Pop up controller is the best pop blocker in Firefox library, it is very useful. Grammarly is a professional app, specially designed for blogger, editors and writers, so if you’re one of them then install it, this add-on will not disappoint you.

At last but not the least, if I missed your favorite app and you like me to check out, please mention them below. Also, feel free to share your experience with these add-ons in the comment section.


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