10 questions when choosing a POS system

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In recent years, POS systems have played an increasingly important role in the automation of many companies within the food and retail sector. Apart from registering products and paying for products, there are many other factors that you can take into account in your search for a new POS system.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a new POS system have many questions in their mind before choosing any particular POS System.

The 10 questions that often come up in an advisory interview are discussed below!

  1. What am I going to use the POS system for?

What do you want to use the POS system for? Are you going to scan products with a barcode scanner, tap products on the touch screen checkout screen or a combination of both? You can of course also choose to link a weighing platform to the POS system.

Many entrepreneurs want to invoice through the POS system. This must, of course, be linked to the back-office software so that the entire process is automated. In this way, invoices, delivery notes and/or packing notes can be printed directly via the Point-of-Sale system. These forms can also be sent as a PDF file via e-mail.

A link between the POS and a weighing platform is often chosen by entrepreneurs who work with fresh (weighing) products. This allows you to weigh and strike directly via the POS system. You can also work with a label printer to label.

  1. Which functions will I use?

Registering products, sales reports, scanning products, and pins. These are examples of frequently used functionalities on a Point-of-Sale system. POS software is always on the move in terms of functionalities and updates. Based on your wishes, It put together a convenience pos system that perfectly matches the needs of your company.

Commonly used functionalities:

  • Check functions
  • Register products
  • Parking of coupons
  • Various discounts
  • Invoicing
  • Weighing the POS system
  • Saving systems
  • Customer cards
  • Correction functions
  • Labeling (of fresh products)
  • Electronic journal (POS history)
  1. The location of the POS system

The position of the Point-of-Sale system is an important point in the choice of the system. As far as POS software is concerned, it does not matter very much, but in the field of hardware, this is an essential point.

Does the POS system have to be built into a check-out with a treadmill or in another cash desk? On a counter or hung on the wall? It is also possible that the POS system must be installed in a market stall!

  1. Which peripherals do I need?

Which devices do you want to use next to the checkout screen? This naturally comes with the functionalities that you want to use. If you want to scan products, you need a barcode scanner. If you want to print invoices, you need a printer.

The most used devices are:

  • A receipt printer
  • A label printer
  • Other printers
  • A barcode scanner
  • A cash drawer
  • A customer display
  • A weighing platform
  • A counterfeit checker
  • A money counting machine
  • A money safe
  1. POS software front-office

The POS software that you will use front-office is the software of the Point-of-Sale system itself. This software is largely determined by the functionalities of the POS software. It is not without reason the pivot in your business automation.

It is advisable to have good advice from the supplier of the POS system. Not only in terms of functionality but also what the system can mean for your company. You can think of the various marketing tools of the POS system.

  1. POS software back office

In addition to the CASpos front-office software, CASman back-office software is available. The Point-of-Sale systems are controlled by this software. This software also offers extensive functions in the areas of store management, financial management, and marketing.

This software can be used for one branch but is also suitable for checking and managing multiple branches. From one location you, therefore, manage all the POS systems of multiple branches.

Overview of possibilities with the CASman software:

  • Article file management
  • Create and print labels, shelf cards, and labels
  • Manage and monitor financial data
  • Check and manage articles, article groups, and departments
  • A complete order module
  • Inventory management
  • (automated) Invoicing module with various export possibilities
  • Marketing tools in the field of actions and mix-match actions.
  • Personnel Management
  • Cash preparation for your currency and bills
  • Various export options with accounting packages and web shops
  1. Do you also offer a POS system for my sector?

Within each branch, there are different wishes regarding POS systems. Yet 80% of the functionalities are almost identical within each sector.

If you are looking for a suitable POS system for companies, it is advisable to request references within your branch.

Companies offer a POS system with specific functions for each branch.

Active Branches:

  • Bakers
  • Florists
  • Hardware dealers
  • Cheese specialty shops
  • Market stalls
  • Recreation parks
  • Butcheries
  • Liquor stores
  • Sports clubs
  • Supermarkets
  • Fresh specialty stores
  1. What service options does the provider offer for my POS system?

In addition to the hardware and the software of the POS system, service is an important aspect in the choice of a suitable supplier.

Fast service is important for questions, malfunctions and/or damage to the system. Can you always call a service number? Does the technician visit you 7 days a week? Very important questions that you can ask at a supplier!

  1. What about the course/explanation of the POS system?

You have opted for a Point-of-Sale system. Both the POS software and hardware are suitable for your company. Now it is important that you (and your staff) get a good explanation of the complete system.

Of course, the advisory meeting already includes a number of issues regarding functionalities. You have a nice impression of the operation of the POS system.

  1. How is my feeling with the POS system supplier?

The last, but perhaps the most important point! Do you have a good feeling at the cashier system supplier? Have you been helped correctly on the phone? Was the advisory meeting a nice conversation? Was the explanation of the various options clear? Did you and your company think along with you?

When you want to purchase a POS system, you often enter into a long-term relationship with the POS system supplier.

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