3 Spot-on things to consider before buying electronics online


Planning to buy your favorite electronic gadget online? Confused about the myriad offers and discounts available or even a little hesitant about which website would be the best to buy from? Definitely, it is always a question of who is the most trusted supplier. With electronic items, you have to be doubly sure that you procure from one that has a reputation and more importantly, can also be reached for post-sales service requirements. Of course, there are the online sites like Amazon and e-Bay that have amazing stuff, but you would still need to verify their seller credentials before you take the plunge. Also, it is immensely important to compare products, read reviews, and if possible, get a feel for the product before you buy.

Identify Online Stores

You could start off by doing a google or web search for your product. Identify the websites that are offering your product. From the list of websites that appear in your search results, identify the stores that you already know about, then identify the links that are clearly websites of stores or are simply review sites. Open each link and compare prices on all the websites that are offering the product. Identify a couple of web stores that are offering the lowest prices. Also, read through the product descriptions to get a clear idea of the specifications of your product and the features on offer.

Trust factor

When you are buying online, the most important factor would trust. Online stores are not the brick and mortar ones in your neighborhood or city that you can easily reach out to physically. These are virtual stores and in case of any future problems, reaching out to some of them can be difficult and a painful process of reaching out over email or through their customer service and then hoping to get a timely response. It is therefore good to check out the reputation of the website and see whether they are a trusted electronic supplier. Check out online reviews on the site. Also, if they are an affiliate website, do check whether they are affiliated with a famous online or retail store. An affiliate website should not also ask for personal and credit card information. If they are not asking for this personally identifiable information, then you could probably trust them.

Think Through

It often happens that a gadget catches our fancy and in our eagerness to buy the product, we often are in a jiffy to buy it at the earliest. Remember always that any gadget that you are buying should last. So, do take your time and consult some of the technical review sites to read up opinions from experts or even better, reviews from actual users. Often, you would come across points that would get you thinking or you could even come across a comment that gets you thinking about a competing product. You should always try and get the best deal when you are paying for it. Also, even in this online age, it sometimes is worthwhile to pay a visit to a physical shop. Get to a store that stocks your product and maybe ask for a demo. Get a feel for the gadget. Touch and feel and maybe even operate it to see how the product works. Does it look okay, do you find operating it easy, will the offered features and functionality suit all your requirements? At a physical store, the people are trained on the latest specs and offerings and would be able to offer your opinion about operating conditions and best usage scenarios that are vital for you to consider whether this gadget would fit in your environment.

Best still, you could use apps. For example, if you are an iPhone user, you could get an app called RedLaser to get instant price comparisons. If you are having an Android phone, you could download Barcode Scanner to get the same functionality. These apps also give you quick access to online reviews and are good options to read through.

In addition, also consider whether there is any sales season coming up. For example, Black Friday sales or Boxing Day. If they are, it is always good to wait for a little and first check out the offers that come out. You may get a better deal than you are now.

In conclusion, patience pays. Read reviews, consult friends, try it out, see demos and then buy from the most reliable site that you could locate. Happy Shopping!

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