4 Essential Tips to Get Started on Your Blog

Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a Domain Name

As soon as the Internet has given us the capacity to write on it, more and more bloggers are springing out everywhere. They have replaced the traditional physical magazines and newspapers. And quite honestly, we can’t blame people from patronizing online bloggers.

These bloggers let their readers relate to them because they appear to be real people just like everyone else. Their content is very valuable to their audience because they feel like they are going through the same thing as these bloggers.

However, those talented bloggers worked hard to become experts in their own niche. They started out with just about any topic to write about, using word counter tools, following technical instructions and failing here and there. They experienced the lowest of lows but they have learned how to get back up and let their creativity sparkle.

Now, it’s your time to shine. If you have always dreamed of becoming a blogger, here are a few handy tips to help you get started.

1. Can you manage it?

You may feel very confident about your writing skills but blogging isn’t just about that. It needs time and dedication. Especially during the start, you have to be really hands-on when it comes to setting up and organizing your online space.

Aside from that, you also have to think strategically so your blog isn’t just another empty space on the Internet. You need to find the right ideas that will interest your readers. If you can’t set aside time for all of this, then you should think about being a blogger again.

2. Do you have the right tools?

Starting your own blog isn’t just some magic incantations spoken out of thin air. You need a lot of tools to start building your space. The good thing is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money. Some tools are affordable and some are even free. Here are a few of the most important ones we think you should be getting:

  • WordPress – it’s the heart of your blog. This is the platform that will house your blogging space.
  • Adobe Suite – blogs don’t just contain words. You need imagery and other media too. This will be useful for the image, video, and even audio editing.
  • Hosting – this one is self-explanatory. Every website needs a hosting provider.
  • Plugins – this depends on the nature of your blog. There are literally thousands of plugins you can install to make your blog better.

3. Will your reader like your blog?

You are not writing your blog on the public Internet space for yourself. You are doing it so that others can see it. The question now is: will it be interesting enough for your audience?

When thinking about a niche to write about, you have to put yourself in the place of your readers. What are they interested in? Will they keep on reading if the posts are full of images? Do they like light-hearted content?

All these questions and many more should be answered before you get started. So, do your research. Trust us, it will pay off.

4. Are you ready to publish your post?

One common mistake that many bloggers commit is publishing their content without reviewing it. It’s exciting to click that button and have your content available for the world to see. However, you should know that you need to review your work before you publish it.

First, proofread it for technical and grammatical errors. Then, read through it and analyze if there are incoherent points. Lastly, look at the big picture and think about what your readers would comment about when they see your content.


Managing a blog is no easy feat. Some people even decide to give up everything and focus on being a blogger. The tips we shared above cover just the basics of getting a blog started. There are a lot more tips about improving your blog and leveling it up so you don’t only get to share your stories but you also earn from it.

That will be for another post – but for now, good luck and happy blogging!

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