4 Situations When You Need to Convert PDF to Word

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Dealing with PDF files is almost always a nuisance. Adobe created this format nearly thirty years ago, and ever since then, it has been used for sharing of digital documents, because of its universal formatting pattern, which makes it absolutely viewable on all operating systems and devices, while other file formats have severe difficulties achieving this result. This is why so many software programs have an option to save the project created in them in PDF form, this way making them ideal for sending to other computers and devices.

The most troubling part of this format is that once it’s created, no changes can be made to it since all PDFs are the read-only file. On the other side of the story, Microsoft Word doesn’t really need an introduction, since it’s one of the most used basic writing document programs in the world. Today we’ll present a few scenarios where the requirement to convert PDF files back to Word is imminent and quite necessary, and in the continuation of the text, a suitable solution to this pressing issue.

Editing Your Old Curriculum Vitae

 If you need to make changes to an old CV, but you only have the PDF version of the original Word file, which you created to make sure that the employers will be able to view your CV properly. Once you convert your CV from PDF to Word, you will be able to edit your working details and create a newer version of your CV. You don’t need to write a CV from scratch.


 Contracts under seal implied contracts, executed and executory contracts, bilateral and unilateral contracts, unconscionable contracts, adhesion contracts, aleatory contracts, void, and voidable contracts, these types of contracts will definitely be in PDF form, so changing them to Word would be a must. Also very convenient for small business owners, when they hire new people and need to make new contracts. No need to write a contract again, just use the contract you made for a previous employee and edit the employee information.

All Kinds of Fill-Out Forms

 Every application that needs to be filled in is usually in PDF form so you need to convert the PDF to doc file in order to enter your information. The same goes with surveys and other forms you download from the websites.

Holiday Cards

And since it’s the time of New year and Christmas holidays, editing cards for your business partners and friends from previous years can be done in no time using this neat online tool.

COnvert PDF to Word

Free PDF to Word by PDF Converter allows you to expeditiously convert your PDF files back to Word, so let’s show you how it’s done!

Step One

Choose a PDF file from your hard-drive, no matter how large it is.

Step Two

Enter your email address, and click the Start button. You will receive the email with the link to the download page once the conversion is complete.

The only remaining thing to do is to click the start button and wait for the tool to finish. The time needed to complete the process is usually just a couple of minutes, depending on the file’s size, and the number of people using the tool at that given time. So there you have it, once the need presents itself, head to the website, and convert-away!

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