4 Tips to Measure the Content Effectiveness When You Create It


Over the years, content marketing has become the core of marketing strategies for businesses.  The importance of content, quality-wise and quantity-wise, is out of the question here. You see everyone creating content, and you see their businesses booming; so there must be something in the content that is positively affecting their marketing strategies. But how to relate the content marketing with the ROI? It is a challenge that not many businesses seem to win. Let’s discuss some of the ways here, on how to measure the effectiveness of the content on your businesses and how to align our content creation for better impact.

#1 Track the Content Creation Process

It starts from within. How the content will perform in the market depends heavily on how the content creators you have employed perform while creating the content. The time they consume in creating a certain amount of content, the resources they use, the process they follow to create the content, all these factors can be a measure of how the content will perform when marketed through different channels.

Knowing the matrices mentioned above enables you to put your efforts and resources into removing any hurdles for the content creators so they may perform to their fullest and create quality content efficiently—or to determine whether you’re better off creating content internally versus outsourcing to a site like Upwork or Essay Republic. Once you are able to track and control your content creation process, you will be in a better position to plan for better content marketing.

#2 Track the Content Activation Process

The majority of the content you produce is for your marketing and sales departments. Normally what happens is that you give piles of the content to your sales and marketing team and wait for the results. This is where many businesses fail to realize that tracking the effective use of content by the sales/marketing teams is the most critical part of tracking the effectiveness of the content. And here is the reason; about 70% of the content you give to your sales team or marketers is wasted.

If this is the case, you can ask your team why create the content in the first place when it is going to the bin without even being considered to be posted. This not only drains a lot of energy from your content creation team but also puts stress on your budget that you allocate for your content marketing efforts.

To minimize the waste of time and resources at such a scale, you must sit and talk to your sales and marketing teams and ask them about the channels they use to market the content. You can invite your content development manager in the meeting also so that both the teams know each other’s preferences.  This will help the content developers to keep in minds the needs of marketers along with the needs of the audience.

If you keep this practice alive for quite some time, you will see the amount of useless content dropping. Also, you will find that the marketing team is finding it easier to choose the content of their needs and they will eventually be able to perform more efficiently.

#3 Track your Content Reach

By tracking the content reach, we don’t simply mean the number of views, clicks, or visits.  For the business managers with a good understanding of today’s market, these numbers, although very important in many ways, cannot fully represent the impact of the content on the business.  As a business manager who looks forward to his content marketing a key factor in boosting the business, you need to know the people who show some interest in your content. You need to dig deeper into their interests and preferences. Who are those clickers, what items of your content make them more interested and excited and what type of content they tend to avoid.

An inside-out familiarity with your audience will help in aligning your content marketing strategy with the preferences of your most valuable targets. You will be able to attract more and more of the real clients who go beyond clicking. In other words, you will be able to do better segmentation of your contents according to the interests of a diverse customer base. Every customer comes with a unique demand and goal, and if he finds your content more related to his requirements, he will be more inclined to pursue a business relation with you.

#4 Track the Content Conversion

It is established from the previous section that conversions depend on how well you personalize your content for various segments of your target audience. One way to relate your content with the number of conversions is to rate your content based on the points discussed in the previous sections. The higher the score of your content, the more chances it has to convert your clients. But still, it is easier said than done; it’s a tough ask to directly relate the content with your conversions.  

To get a more realistic score of your content, you need to walk in the shoes of a buyer and pass the content through each step of the creation to publication. How well the content meets its target in each step of the process. Giving a numerical value to the efforts put in every step of content creation and distribution will give you a better and accurate picture of the potential that a piece of content has.


The effectiveness of the content can be measured by tracking the whole process from start to success (because there is no end to a good piece of content.) Walking cautiously through every step of content creation while keeping in mind both the audience and marketing team will lead to the creation of highly optimized content.  And to measure the effectiveness, you should rate every piece of content based on how well it passes each step.

Now that you have got the idea of measuring your content effectiveness, you shouldn’t wait to apply your knowledge in your content strategy.

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