4 Ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

4 Ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 1

One of the most widely asked questions about the iPhone is how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, and that seems right at a certain level. Every new iPhone user struggle with not just contacts but other app data, when they migrate from their old Android to their new iPhone. So, how to overcome that problem

We know there are plenty of apps that can assist you in transferring your data but they sometimes turn out to be complicated and time taking, so in this article, we will talk about some of the easiest steps to transfer your contacts and data from Android to iPhone.

Here are 4 ways to transfer contacts from Android from iPhone:

  1. dr.fone

Developed by the folks of Wondershare, the app works like charm. The well-designed UI helps transfer data quickly without any hassle. It can transfer contacts easily and not just that it can also transfer other data like music, photos, text message, notes and different files. It also supports iOS devices that run the latest iOS 11 and works for all iPhone, iPad model.


  1. Download the app and install it.
  2. Click on “Switch” option from the home page.dr Fone 1
  3. Connect your new and old device to your computer.
  4. Let the app scan both devices.
  5. Your old phone will be on the left and new phone would be on the right.dr Fone 2
  6. Select content to copy.
  7. Click on “start transfer”.dr Fone 3
  8. Do not disconnect the device while transferring.
  9. You’ll get a pop-up of successful transfer.
  10. Disconnect both devices.

2. Move to iOS app

The Move to iOS app is officially created by Apple, although it has a very unconventional rating on play store, it works just fine. The Move to iOS app only works if you’re setting up a new iPhone and trying to move data from one to another. The major flaw is the part when you want to transfer data from an existing phone to your currently using iPhone, in that case however you have to do a factory reset, which turns out to be quite disappointing.


  1. Download the app from Play store.
  2. Perform its setup and select “Move data from Android”.dr Fone 4
  3. Start the app to transfer data from Android to iPhone and select “Continue”.
  4. Give necessary permission.
  5. On your other phone, you’ll see a code, type the code in Move to iOS app.dr Fone 5
  6. If the security code matches the device will be connected.
  7. Select the data you want to import to the target device, such as Google account, bookmarks, messages, contacts, camera roll etc.
  8. Start the transfer by selecting “Next”.

3. Gmail

Transferring contacts and data through Move to iOS app sometimes create complications, In that case, users look for more faster and reliable method to move their information such as Gmail. Although it may be a more time-consuming process for tech experts, it is the safest method to do so. The app uploads all your contact and app data to the cloud and when you install it on your iPhone, you just simply have to sync the information with your new iPhone.


  1. Re-synchronize your data with Google cloud by going to settings/accounts.dr Fone 6
  2. Take your iPhone, go to Setting/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Add account/Google.
  3. Provide your Gmail account detail such as email id & password.
  4. To transfer data, go to Mail/Gmail.
  5. Select Mail, Contacts, calendars, Notes etc.
  6. The device will automatically download all the contacts when your phone will be online.

4. iTunes

Many people don’t like using an app such as Move to iOS, Google or dr.fone, they often prefer the traditional method of transfer such as iTunes to move contacts from their Android device to iPhone. To transfer data from iTunes you got to connect the iPhone to your system and launch iTunes, select the device and go to its info. Now you can enable the option “Sync Contacts with” and chose google contact. You’ll also need to log from your Google account. iTunes will automatically sync your contacts to your new iPhone, you don’t even have to connect your old Android device.

dr Fone 7

Our opinion

As much as we appreciate the new take in software such as dr.fone from the folks of Wondershare, we also took a close look of its usability and compared it to other conventional data transferring method, which is mentioned in this post. And judging the software personally, it seems like a good choice for people, who wants to transfer not just contacts or note etc. but all the other data that is present in their previous smartphone. Dr. Phone in no doubt is a well thought and well-designed tool, it gives user more options and helps them organize their information as they want. You are free to try Move to iOS app but in our use, we have found it a tad bit time taking, also it doesn’t have a lot of option.

That’s all for this guys, stay tuned for the next update.

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