5 Reasons Why Every Brand Should Be Conducting Qualitative Research On Their Customers

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Before we talk about why it is necessary for brands to conduct qualitative research on their customers, it is necessary for us to know what qualitative research means. In the simplest of terms, qualitative research is research conducted by a qualitative research consultant (moderator) on small focus groups comprising of not more than 12 people. The research is conducted to test new ideas or to explore the consumers’ opinions and thoughts on the current topic. These days, it is not necessary for the moderator to conduct qualitative research with his or her test subjects in person.  There is online focus group software that can be expertly used as platforms to conduct research.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are 5 reasons why every brand should be conducting qualitative research on their customers.

  1. Helps meet the needs and requirements of the customers

It is essential for a business to provide products and services that cater to the needs and requirements of the customers. Qualitative research allows experts and moderators to listen to the customers´ wants, needs and sources of frustration. The experts can then use the knowledge to create better products.

  1. Explains the why behind the analytics data

The analytics data can be misleading. For instance, if your business has a business website that suddenly experiences an increase in pageviews per visitors, it may not necessarily indicate the ultimate customer satisfaction. The visitors may simply be finding it difficult to add products to their cart. Or, they may be having trouble identifying the shipping rates. Therefore, the analytics data may indicate customers´ satisfaction through deep engagement with the site, which should rightly be considered a flawed report. Qualitative research explains the why behind the analytics data.   

  1. It is more personal

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to mention that the data collected from qualitative research is more powerful and compelling than data compiled through quantitative research. After all, the data collected through qualitative research is entirely related to human experience. Therefore, if you want details about the human behavior, emotion, personality characteristics and how each person reacts to your brand or product, you should conduct a qualitative research.

  1. Cost-efficient

Since small groups are the focus of qualitative research, conducting qualitative research is comparatively cheaper than conducting quantitative research. In order to conduct quantitative research, you will require expensive measurement tools and large groups. Therefore, if your business is strapped for cash, it is more cost-efficient for you to opt for the qualitative research method.

  1. Issues can be studied in great detail

Since qualitative research deals with small groups, the pressing issues can be studied thoroughly and in great detail. The interviews need not be limited to particular questions; the interviews can be redirected and guided by researchers in real time. The research allows the business brand to understand its target audience better, and see how its target audience relates to certain situations, products, or scenarios.

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