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5 Steps to Optimize Hotel Deals and Listings


Hotels and similar businesses rely significantly on the internet for smooth business because most bookings take place online nowadays. In this scenario, website owners of hotels need to work on their search result rankings and increase their reach. With the help of professionals in SEO in Adelaide, we have put together a list of five steps you can follow to optimize your hotel deals and listings on SERPs.

Steps to Optimize Hotel Deals and Listings

Hotel Deals and Listings

1.    Implement The Use Of HPAs

HPAs or Hotel Price Ads are a facility that allows a customer to look up your hotel’s location and prices, etc., on the search results of Google and Google Maps. Through HPAs, your hotel website will show up more readily across platforms and devices and be more to people.

Some significant benefits of using HPAs are:

·   Uniformity in pricing: HPAs bring the pricing details of various online travel agents and lodgings to the public eye. Hence, people can more easily compare prices and make more economical choices. In this process, uniformity of pricing gets ensured among all the hotels and lodgings.

·   Return on investment: Statistically speaking, HPAs will bring greater returns to the table when compared with paid ad campaigns and searches.

·   Boosts reach and relevance: With the help of HPAs, you can see your hotel website right next to the most prominent and listed hotels. This feature makes it an excellent investment for newer ventures. Besides, HPAs let the customer make bookings directly from your site rather than through some third-party agent.

2.   Use Optimized PPC Ads

Understanding PPC ads and their optimization can change the game for hotel owners and bring in greater profits. Since Google earns 97% of its revenue from Adwords, it altered its SERP algorithm to prefer sites with PPC ads rather than those without them. Therefore, with the implementation of PPC ads, you are ensuring that you will rank higher than your competitors, and more people will have access to your hotel packages and pricing information. In addition, you can work with any agency that offers services related to SEO in Adelaide to optimize your PPC ads.

According to popular statistics, more than half of travellers around the globe use the internet to make bookings for hotels and lodges. Keeping up with this scenario can become a lot easier with the implementation of PPC ads.

3.   Be Relevant On Google+

In today’s world of search engines, there is no difference between a browser and a social network, as both have become intrinsically linked. Therefore, social media has become a crucial marketing strategy and a common technique to rank better on SERPs. With Google being the world leader in search engines, Google+ can benefit you from using their social media network.

4.   Implement Schema Markup Text

Schema markup text is a form of code that works with your website’s HTML code and makes it more readable and crawlable for search engines. There are several such snippets available on Schema.org, called rich snippets, and you can implement them on your website for a more attractive appearance. Besides, it will provide you with a cutting edge in the competition as your website appears higher up in listings. You can contact an agent who works on SEO in Adelaide and know more about this.

5.   Tie-up With Business Listings

You can enlist your website on business listings, travel pages, online trip agencies, etc. This step will help you reach a more significant number of travellers and make your hotel website appear on several search results.


Implementing practices that work to increase your website visits and hotel bookings can lead to exponential growth in your business. We hope our tips will help you and your business do well.

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