7 Best Discord Music Bots You Must Try In 2024

best Discord Music Bots

The best Discord music bots have become a prominent platform that offers people a place to communicate, exchange, and engage. The incorporation of music bots into Discord is only one of the numerous aspects that make it an appealing choice for communities. These bots have become essential resources for improving Discord servers’ audio quality. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of the best Discord music bots, looking at the 7 best Discord music bots that can improve the audio quality on your server.

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List of the best Discord Music Bots

Now, let’s explore the list of the best Discord music bots and check out the features available for each option.

1. Groovy

best Discord music bots

This is an accessible music bot for Discord that is easy to use and concentrates on high-quality music. Additionally, Groovy offers lag-free streaming. You don’t have to be concerned about poor music quality with this music bot. Thanks to its extensive command set, you have many options for using this music bot. 

Using the music bot for Discord, you can play music from YouTube, Spotify, Mixer, and many other popular music streaming services. To do so, you just have to type the name of the music you want to listen to and follow the play command. 

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2. Fredboat

best Discord music bots

Fredboat is one of the best Discord music bots that offers streaming services from several well-known websites, including SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch. Because of its built-in search feature, users can search on Discord rather than the Internet. One helpful characteristic of this bot is that it plays music while customers are switched to the Internet, which saves time. Essential functions like rearranging your playlist and selecting a song to play repeatedly are also included. 

3. Vexera

best Discord music bots

Vexera is a little different from the others. With its many functions, this music bot for Discord can be used for a variety of tasks. Discord commands can be used to initiate various music-related activities, such as skipping, pausing, and playing tracks. The bot currently serves more than 300,000 Discord servers, which is a highly popular choice for many users. 

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4. Hydra

best Discord music bots

You should also consider using Hydra, a feature-rich Discord music bot, to play music on your Discord server. High-quality music is played by the Discord music bot with the least amount of latency or distortion. If you are the server administrator, you can access Hydra using your own custom prefix. 

Additionally, Hydra offers a premium edition that grants access to some of its exclusive features. One of its standout features is the ability for server members to vote to skip the current track. The music also offers global volume settings, infinite saved playlists, continuous music playback, and many other features. 

5. BMO

best Discord music bots

BMO supports games, tools for manipulating images, and other functions in addition to music. However, as this essay is limited to discussing music, we shall concentrate on that. The Discord music bot plays music with excellent sound quality and no distortion and operates rather quickly. In addition to saving your playlist, you may search for songs. However, using its functions also requires some complicated commands, which will take some time to get used to.

6. Aiode 

This song is intended exclusively for Spotify subscribers. This is the music. However, you should give it a try if you use Spotify and are searching for songs that you can stream on your server. You may immediately search for and play songs on Spotify using Aiode.

Aiode is a music bot for Discord that provides extensive customization options, including playlist customization commands. You may use this music to compile tracks from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and other platforms into a cross-platform playlist. On your server, you can also play Twitch streams. 

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7. ChillBot

best Discord music bots

The greatest music bot available for usage on a Discord server is called Chillbot. In essence, it gives you access to a live radio station that continuously plays low-fidelity music. It is quite simple to operate, and you can readily experiment with its functions because of its clear and straightforward controls. You can’t play your own playlist with this because it’s a live radio station, but it does give you the authentic vibe of a radio station. 

Final Words

Over the years, Discord has evolved from a voice chat and messaging app focused on games to a flexible platform for communication. The best Discord music bots are becoming increasingly popular because of their many benefits, including letting users listen to high-quality music on their servers without interruption. In this post, we’ve featured a handful. 

There is a music bot to fit any user’s preferences, whether it is Groovy with its advanced capabilities like bass boost and nightcore mode, Fredboat with its integrated search capability, or MEE6 with its extensive range of administrative and recreational functionalities. Therefore, the options mentioned here are all you need to look for if you’re looking for the best Discord music bots to improve the experience on your server. 

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