What is Applicant Tracking System Software?

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What is special about Applicant Tracking System Software? Why it is very important for any startup? If you run a startup or own a small business, it can be difficult to predict when and how much growth you can expect in any given year or even month. Your performance may exceed your expectations one year while the next you come up considerably short. In any case, this unpredictability is why you should always leave room in your budget for potential expansion.

As soon as the business gains traction, the workload can become too much to handle. This leads to short-staffed departments which in turn lead to burnout. Burnout, especially in the realm of small businesses, should be avoided as much as possible. When employees are too stressed, their productivity suffers. This can lead to a depleted workforce during a pivotal time in your growth.

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A great resource to look at when considering outsourcing certain jobs is applicant tracking system (ATS) software. It may seem risky to invest in such software, but it is imperative to have a system vetting the most qualified candidates as your business develops.

What is Applicant Tracking System Software?

Applicant Tracking System

So, what is applicant tracking system software? Simply put, an applicant tracking system recruiting software is a system that helps companies manage their large hiring pools. It consolidates all potential employee information in one place, making managing the hiring and onboarding process much less time-consuming.

Additionally, the applicant tracking system recruiting software collects and stores resumes in a database for recruiters or human resource employees to access and reference. That way, hiring managers can easily identify top candidates to bring in for an interview. Another advantage is that each application can be stored for a predetermined amount of time.

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This helps when you are stuck between two candidates but can ultimately choose just one. Your company will still have the finalist’s resume on file if the position opens up in the future.

Why should companies integrate this software?

There are several benefits to integrating applicant tracking system software into your business. For one, this software can vet potential candidates by searching for keywords in their resumes and cover letters. By having an automated system handle this task, hiring managers must review only the strongest applicants’ files. This saves you from wasting your time and the time of unqualified candidates whose talents would be better served elsewhere.

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Some systems even allow you to compare a resume to the job description. This beneficial automation saves you tons of manpower and streamlines your day-to-day recruiting process.

These systems offer a lot of benefit to your business.

Applicant tracking system recruiting software offers several features that streamline the entire hiring process. It can assist in tasks like onboarding, paperwork signing and handling managerial feedback after interviews. It can even automate smaller tasks for you throughout the day. What’s more, the software even benefits job applicants by improving communication between them and the hiring manager.

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Almost every major company currently uses employees time tracking software. Fortunately, with so many options on the market today, finding a program that fits your business needs, scaling and budget are easier than ever.

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